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Top Players Ready to Battle for USCA Nationals

Twenty-nine of the United States best six-wicket croquet players will go to battle next week in the USCA
American Rules Croquet National Championship to be held at the National Croquet Center in West Palm
Beach, Florida. The event runs October 15-21 and will be the 36th edition of the USCA National
Championship which was first held in 1977 when the national association was founded. The Tournament
Director will be USCA President, Johnny Mitchell.

This year’s event has attracted top U.S. players like Danny Huneycutt, Doug Grimsley, Brian Cumming,
Britt Ruby and Ben Rothman. Huneycutt will be going for a repeat after winning his first American Rules
National title last November in Mission Hills, California. Overall, Huneycutt has eight U.S. national and
regional titles on his resume along with being a member of Solomon Cup, and MacRobertson Shield

The tournament itself will feature two flights of play with both singles and doubles action. Block play
starts Monday followed by elimination play and the finals will be on Sunday, October 21.
Spectators and guests are welcome and should contact Erica Sherman at (561) 478-0760 or
tournamentusca@aol.com for additional information.

No.  Player / Hcp / Flight / Partner
  First  Last    
1 John Osborn -2.5 C R. Landry
2 Derek Wassink -3.0 C D. Huneycutt
3 Matt Smith -0.5 C J. Mitchell
4 Peter Just -2.0 C B. Mead
5 Rory Kelley 0.0 C B. Ruby
6 Mike Gibbons -2.0 C D. Brackett
7 Doug Grimsley -3.0 C R. Curtis
8 Brian Cumming -2.5 C Rothman
9 Paul Bennett -2.0 C G. Bennett
10 Gary Bennett 2.5 C P. Bennett
11 Dick Brackett -1.5 C M. Gibbons
12 Dave Cohen 4.5 1 TBD/Will Play any Flight
13 Bill  Hartmann 2.5 C TBD
14 Britt Ruby -2.5 C R. Kelley
15 Sherif Abdelwahab -0.5 C S. Walsh
16 John Brown 6.0 1 TBD
17 Bill  Mead -0.5 C P. Just
18 David McCoy -1.0 C T. Quimby
19 Ted Quimby 0.0 C D. McCoy
20 Johnny Mitchell -1.5 C M. Smith
21 Sandra Walsh 5.0 1/s, C/d S. Abdelwahab
22 Richard Curtis -2.0 C D. Grimsley
23 Ben Rothman -4.0 C B. Cumming
24 Steve  Johnston -0.5 C M. Carmichael
25 Mike Carmichael 0.0 C S. Johnston
26 Pam  Johnston 5.0 C n/a
27 Danny Huneycutt -4.0 C D. Wassink
28 Rick Landry 5.0 1/s, C/d J. Osborn

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