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Solomon Trophy: Britain Rules Again 13-8

BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC -- By clinching on Friday with an 11-4 advantage in the best of 21 test, the British team avoided any chance of drama on Saturday. The near disastrous 1-5 final day finish versus New Zealand during the 2010 MacRobertson Shield for a narrow 11-10 win is probably still too fresh in the minds of both British players and fans. Instead, Saturday felt a bit more casual and celebratory as GB cruised to a 13-8 final score.

The U.S. team did finish strong though, going 4-2 on the day, which featured only singles matches. Overall, the U.S was 7-5 in singles matches, but Britain punished the U.S. in doubles 8-1.

Britain now leads in the series 18-2.

Day One (GB 4-0)
GB 1-0 Maugham/Evans +26tp (E), +26tp (E) over Rothman/Grimsley
GB 2-0 Aiton/Burch +17tp (A), +24tp (A) over Lamm/Patmore
GB 3-0 Death/Mulliner +13, -8oqp, +6 over Bast/Huneycutt
GB 4-0 Evans/Maugham +11, +24tp (E) over Lamm/Patmore

Day Two (GB 7-4)
GB 5-0 Marcus Evans +26, +25tp over Jim Bast
GB 6-0 Jamie Burch +5tp, +25tp over Rich Lamm
GB 6-1 Danny Huneycutt +26, +2tp over Keith Aiton
GB 7-1 Stephen Mulliner -17, +13tpo, +26tp over Doug Grimsley
GB 7-2 Huneycutt/Bast +7, +5tp(H) over Aiton/Burch
GB 7-3 Ben Rothman +26tp, -26tp, +26tp (17 turns) over David Maugham
GB 7-4 Chris Patmore -17stp, +12, +13otp over James Death

Day Three (GB 11-4)
GB 8-4 Aiton/Burch +7tp (B), +16tp (A) over Grimsley/Rothman
GB 9-4 Death/Mulliner +9, +5tp (D) over Lamm/Patmore
GB 10-4 Death/Mulliner +13, +26tp (D, 5th turn) over Grimsley/Rothman (from Round Two)
GB 11-4 Evans/Maugham -17, +14tp (M), +22 over Bast/Huneycutt

Day Four (GB 13-8)
GB 11-5 Rich Lamm +26tp, +17 over Keith Aiton
GB 12-5 Stephen Mulliner -26tp, -12tpo over Jim Bast
GB 12-6 Danny Huneycutt +17tp, +26tp over Jamie Burch
GB 12-7 Doug Grimsley +21tp, +3 over Marcus Evans
GB 12-8 Chris Patmore +17, -26tp, +26tp David Maugham
GB 13-8 James Death +23sxp, -11, +8dpo Ben Rothman

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