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Bromley #09: GCWC Final Four Set

Left to Right: Felix Webby, Ahmed Nasr, Reg Bamford and Hamy Erian. Photos by Bill Bromley
New Zealand Wunderkind Felix Webby continues to be unflappable as he secured his spot in the Semi-final of the main event. He will face Egypt's Ahmed Nasr in a best of 5 game match. Reg Bamford took out Jenny Clarke to earn his spot and Hamy Erian defeated his countryman, Mohamad Karem 7-6, 7-6, 7-6 to secure his place in the top 4.

In the Plate playoffs, 6 of the 8 places have been set with Cheryl Bromley scheduled to play Saturday in a 3-way playoff of which two players will move on to the Plate Quarterfinal Knockout.


CROQUETSCORES: Knockout Bracket

MORE PHOTOS/VIDEO: Victorian Croquet Association Facebook Page

1996: Khalid Younis
1997: Salah Hassan
1998: Khalid Younis
2000: Salah Hassan
2002: Khalid Younis
2004: Ahmed Nasr
2006: Mohammed Nasr
2008: Ahmed Nasr
2011: Mark McInerney
2013: Reg Bamford
2015: Ahmed El Mahdi

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