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2017 Croquet Mallet Directory

The Brass Spot Mallet Collection


Congratulations to Brass Spot Mallets and Marcelino Piquero for taking top spot in the 2017 Annual Croquet Network Mallet Poll. Brass Spot notched 167 votes in a poll that set a new record with 454 total votes. For players though, the good news is the number of mallet makers has now grown to 27 which is up four from 2016.

For the rankings below, we did include write-in votes, so if you check back to the poll results you will see a slight difference. For manufacturers that are missing details, please use the contact link on the top menu and we will update your listing. This will be one of the most visited pages on the site over the next year. We offer a full profile and photo for manufacturers that place in the top five. For the rest, we offer a brief marketing description and a website or email link (website preferred). We also have a full alphabetical listing in our Equipment Directory.

01. Brass Spot Mallets (167 votes)

Mallet designer: Marcelino Piquero Manufacturing City: El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain 

Gruyere Model (Click to Zoom)The Story:  We think style is important in croquet. A good mallet should be balanced, with a good MOI (Moment of Inertia), well-manufactured and beautiful. Trying to combine all these factors with the best available woods is our challenge. We use hardwoods carefully selected under the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Since 2010, all our wood mallets are handmade and tailored to fit each player's specifications. Our aluminium or carbon shafts are connected to the mallet head with an oversized Philips screw and could be easily removed for transportation or for adjusting the grip orientation. The connection system could be ordered either in nylon or aluminium, for flexibility or stiffness. Depending of player’s preferences, the mallet heads can be made with brass or Tufnol ends. We also produced small croquet trophies for tournaments.
Top Selling Model: Sandwich

Number of Models: Four (Solid Wood, Sandwich [several wood combinations], Butterfly, Gruyere)
Price range: From 200€ to 450€
Online store: No

Retail locations:

-Malvaloca, Puerto de Sotogrande, Sotogrande, Cadiz – Spain
-Sherry Golf Jerez, Calle Suiza, s/n, 11408 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz - Spain

Website: facebook.com/thebrassspot/ (Dedicated website under construction www.thebrassspot.com )
Phone: +34666523599


02. PFC Hoop Maker (109 votes)

PFC Hoop Maker (Click to Zoom)Mallet designer: Peter Coles  Manufacturing City: Forster, New South Wales, Australia 

The Story: Our design criteria of the new mallet was: The PFC Mallet must never take up moisture, not distort in any weather, always retain its original weight, have as near perfect balance as possible, have a near perfect swing, the striking faces must never come loose and, above all carry a five-year parts and labor guarantee. The mallet uses today's computer technology, enabling the shock of contact with the ball to be directed away from the shaft and back to the striking face, thereby lessening shock on hands and increasing the 'impact strength' of the mallet with the ball. The archaic concept of peripheral weighting has been completely replaced by computer technology to produce eight different mallets (each costing AUD16,000 in design and CAD programs). Three 11" Competition Mallets each with two weights are available with Brass, Black Synthetic and Zelanite (6 wicket/Association) Striking Faces - and - Three 9.5/8" Standard Mallets each with two weights are available with Brass, Black Synthetic and Zelanite (6 wicket/Association) Striking Faces are available.

The Shafts/ Handles are on the more rigid side, made to any length and circumference, and can be lengthened or shortened at any time. Travel shafts are available in any length. Unique Grips are manufactured to our specifications and provide a wonderful feel in both dry and wet conditions. A large range of colours are available to cover the lower half of the shaft.

Your PFC Hoop Maker mallet will soon become you reliable "old frien"' and give you many years of pleasure playing our wonderful sport.

Top selling model: The Competition and the Standard Black Striking Face models

Number of Models: Six

Price Range: AUD490.00 to AUD640.00

Online Store: Yes

Retail Locations: Directly online. The National Croquet Center in Miami or The Croquet Association in the UK.

Website: www.croquetmalletmetal.com

Phone: +61265553485

Email: pxcoles@gmail.com

03. Dave Trimmer Mallets (21 votes) and 04. Pidcock Mallets (21 Votes)

Pidcock 4000S (Click to Zoom)Mallet designers: Dave Trimmer / Alan Pidcock Manufacturing City: Gillingham, Dorset, England

The Story: Great peripheral head weighting for accurate shooting. Designed and engineered for maximum playability. Crafted with exacting workmanship to be aesthetically pleasing and to facilitate players reaching their potential.

Top selling model: Pidcock 4000S with composite end faces

Number of Models: Six

Online Store: No

Price Range: £305-£440

Where Can I Buy? From Dave Trimmer England UK

Website: DaveTrimmerMallets.moonfruit.com

Phone: 01747 824822

Email: davetrimmer@talktalk.net

05. RPM / Ray Puckett Mallets (47 votes)

RPM True Force (Click to Zoom)Mallet designers: Ray Puckett and Craig Smith  Manufacturing City: Auckland, New Zealand

The Story: Many years of development and a rigorous testing program in New Zealand and Australia has resulted in the RPM being one of the premier mallet manufacturers in the world. With over 10,000 RPM Mallets sold worldwide, it is proven testimony to the popularity and acceptance of the RPM Mallet. Every RPM is handcrafted and incorporates peripheral weighting within the croquet mallet head. This special feature results in less effort required to send balls further. The net effect is that balls can be placed with more accuracy.

Website: www.rpmallets.co.nz

06. (tie) Jackson Mallets (11 votes)

Mallet Designer: Steve Jackson

06. (tie) Oakley Woods (11 votes)

We have changed the way you think about mallet weight. Oakley Woods Croquet’s Predator mallet has pushed the envelope of mallet design. This new mallet offers high peripheral weighting and outstanding energy transfer. Don’t be fooled by its lighter weight. This mallet is a game-changer.
Mallet designer: Don Oakley  Website: www.oakleywoods.com

06. (tie) Palm Beach Mallet Works (11 votes)

Custom croquet mallets. Mallet restorations and repairs.
Mallet Designer: Dave Spivey  Website: palmbeachmalletworks.com

09. John Hobbs (9 votes)

Buy yourself a good mallet - improve your game.
Mallet Designer: John Hobbs  Website: www.john-hobbs-croquet-mallets.mfbiz.com

10. Fenwick Elliot (8 votes)

Fenwick Elliott mallets has been in hiatus for a while, whilst we develop our new series 5 mallets. This has taken us really rather longer than we thought, but hopefully we are nearly there.
Website: www.insearchoftheperfectmallet.com


11. Brian Cumming (7 votes)
11. George Wood Mallets (7 votes) - www.woodmallets.com
11. JC Mazos de Croquet (7 votes) - mazosdecroquet.es
11. Morford Mallets (7 votes) - www.morfordmallets.com
14. Danny Huneycutt (5 votes)
14. Gary Dunkelberger Mallets (5 votes) - St. John's mallet maker
14. Terminator-Mike McClure (5 votes) - www.terminatormallets.co.nz
17. Kevin Brereton / Xact Mallets (3 votes)
17. Mojo Mallets (3 votes) - www.mojomallets.com
17. Percival Mallets (3 votes) - www.croquetmallets.co.uk
20. Dawson / Australian Croquet Company (2 votes)
20. Ed Roberts (2 votes) - www.croquetworld.com/attack/attackcroquet.html
20. Fletcher Mallets (2 votes)
20. Jaques London (2 votes) - www.jaqueslondon.co.uk, www.jaquesamerica.com
20. Transforma (2 votes) - transformamallets.com.au
20. Woodranch Horus/Isis (2 votes)



We will keep an active list of mallet makers that have requested to be included in next years directory here. Any manufacturer that received at least one vote will be included in next year's poll (January 2018).


The following mallet makers received no votes and will be removed from next year's poll unless a request is made directly to croquetnetwork@gmail.com prior to January 1, 2018.

  • Clarkpoint
  • Townsend Aspinall

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Reader Comments (2)

I would like to cast a vote for the Woodranch Horus. Best mallet I have ever used. Compares well to mallets that cost 5x as much

December 28, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Wilson

Hi Paul - Thanks for the feedback. Expect the new 2018 mallet poll to come out by the end of January. The new directory will follow in February. Stay tuned!

January 2, 2018 | Registered CommenterDylan

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