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2016 Croquet Mallet Directory

The RPM True Force mallet in action


Congratulations to RPM Mallets for repeating as our top vote getter in the Annual Croquet Mallet Poll. As a follow-up to the poll, here is a the full listing of manufacturers receiving votes along with additional details as available. For manufacturers out there missing details, please contact Croquet Network and details will be updated. 

01. RPM / Ray Puckett Mallets (47 votes)

Manufacturing City: Auckland, New Zealand  Mallet designer: Ray Puckett and Craig Smith

True Force (Click to Enlarge)The Story: Many years of development and a rigorous testing program in New Zealand and Australia has resulted in the RPM being one of the premier mallet manufacturers in the world. With over 10,000 RPM Mallets sold worldwide, it is proven testimony to the popularity and acceptance of the RPM Mallet. Every RPM is handcrafted and incorporates peripheral weighting within the croquet mallet head. This special feature results in less effort required to send balls further. The net effect is that balls can be placed with more accuracy.

Top selling model: True Force

Number of Models: 4

Where Can I Buy? Online and from various reps around the world

Phone: NZ 094210404

Email: craig@rpmallets.co.nz

Price Range: $220NZD - $412NZD

Website: www.rpmallets.co.nz

Online Store: Yes 

02. Morford (30 votes)

Manufacturing City: Southern California   Mallet Designer: Robert Morford

Newest "Moment of Inertia" head. (Click for larger image)The Story: Mallets are designed and custom handcrafted by Bob Morford. Each one is custom built for the customer to his or her specifications. There are five different models which the customer selects and specifies the head height, width, length and weight. There is a choice of exotic woods and a choice of five different shafts. Each mallet is balanced with brass end plates to achieve maximum Moment of Inertia for the mallet head chosen to achieve the best torsional resistance for those straight shots. Our new newest head (pictured) achieves the best Moment of Inertia. From Robert -- Please visit the website to learnmore about mallet selections and read a few customer comments. I have lengthy conversations with new customers in person or on the phone to develop the mallet of their choice.

Number of Models: 5 model types/5 shaft types

Price Range: Mallet Head Prices range from $475 to $1,000. Shaft Prices range from $180 to $280.

Phone: 760.902.4992

Email: morfordmallets@gmail.com

Website: www.morfordmallets.com

03. Pidcock / Manor House (12 votes)

The Story: Pidcock mallets are hand made to a high quality. They are good, durable competition mallets fitted with carbon fibre shafts, and are used by many of the top players in the UK.

Information: Oxford Croquet has a page for Pidcock / Manor House at oxfordcroquet.com/equip/mallets/pidcock.asp. The Croquet Association also has them available through their online store.

04. Oakley Woods (8 votes)

Manufacturing City: Brighton, Ontario Canada   Mallet designer: Don Oakley

The Predator. (Click for Larger Image)The Story: We have changed the way you think about mallet weight. Oakley Woods Croquet’s Predator mallet has pushed the envelope of mallet design. This new mallet offers high peripheral weighting and outstanding energy transfer. Don’t be fooled by its lighter weight. This mallet is a game-changer.

An ultra-light graphite (carbon fiber) shaft allows the effective weight to be placed where it matters most - directly behind the striking face. The shaft is completely wrapped in a comfortable and colorful foam grip, allowing the player to utilize every inch of space for unlimited hand positioning. The profiled foam grip is black with the bottom 6" reserved for your choice of blue, red or green.  Highlight bands of  blue, red, black & yellow add to the aesthetic.

The Hybrid striking faces combine stainless steel & carbon fiber. This is where some very unique magic happens. The combination of stainless steel sub-face and the thin carbon fiber striking face, allows the highest percentage of energy transfer to the ball. Players have told us that the ball “pops” off the mallet with very little effort. 

Lower overall weight is a luxury you can now have thanks to this advanced design. Swing energy is more efficiently transferred to the ball, achieving higher performance. Stop shots to roll shots are more easily executed with the Predator. The low profile head  measures 1-3/4" tall X 2-1/2" wide, providing a wider sweet spot. Head lengths are stocked in 10”, 11” & 12”.

Top selling model: Tthe Predator.

Number of Models: Total mallet designs made by Oakley Woods Croquet is nine for recreational through tournament players.

Where Can I Get One? Our mallets can be purchased directly from Oakley Woods Croquet at The Croquet Store (www.croquetstore.com). Some models are also available through the Pro Shop at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Phone: Toll free (North America) 866-364-8895 International 613-475-3541

Email: info@oakleywoods.com 

Price Range: $44 - $375 (USD)

Website: www.oakleywoods.com

Online Store: Yes, www.croquetstore.com 

05. (tie) Danny Huneycutt  (5 votes)

No information found.

05. (tie) Ed Roberts (5 votes)


05. (tie) Norwich Croquet (5 votes)

The Norwich Croquet Company was conceived in 2011 as a "boutique" builder of fine quality croquet equipment and emboldened by the role that our city played in the development of the American version of the game. We combine inspired design and passionate craftsmanship to create unique mallets - built to last. The materials used are a byproduct of our wood countertop business. Finally, our mallets are proudly "Made in the USA" and always will be.

05. (tie) Terminator-Mike McClure (5 votes)


09. (tie) Brian Cumming  (4 votes)

No information found.

09. (tie) Mojo Mallets (4 votes)

Relatively new mallet maker based in Kansas City still in the prototype testing phase. Designed by Bill Berg. 


11. (tie) John Hobbs (3 votes) - www.john-hobbs-croquet-mallets.mfbiz.com
11. (tie) Dawson / Australian Croquet Company (3 votes)
11. (tie) PFC Hoop Maker (3 votes) - www.croquetmalletmetal.com
14. (tie) Clarkpoint (2 votes) - cpcroquet@acadia.net
14. (tie) Fenwick Elliott (2 votes) - www.insearchoftheperfectmallet.com
14. (tie) Kevin Brereton / Xact Mallets (2 votes) - www.croquet.org.uk/shop
14. (tie) Percival Mallets (2 votes) - www.croquetmallets.co.uk


  • Dave Trimmer - Rumor is that he has taken over Manor House / Pidcock Mallets
  • George Wood Mallets - www.woodmallets.com
  • Fletcher - Fletcher Mallet Unboxing Video
  • JC - No information found
  • Townsend Aspinall - No information found
  • Transforma - No information found


Here is the active list of requests to be included in the 2017 Directory:


The following mallet makers received no votes and will be removed from next year's poll unless a request is made directly to croquetnetwork@gmail.com prior to January 1, 2017.

Jaques London, Arizona, Woodranch Horus & Isis (Egyptian), Lee Thomas, Bob Fish, Palm Beach Mallet Works, Rheinpark/Hang des Todes

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