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2016 US Open: Block Day 2


The second day of Block play was another perfect croquet day.  Each player played another three games.

Open Flight

Doug Grimsley and Brian Cumming won all three of their games today;  Grimsley with two triple peels, and Cumming with one triple. There were no upsets today.

At one point, in a double-banked game, Brian Cumming told me he was shooting a ball across the lawn toward my balls.  He said I didn’t need to mark them, but I should watch them.  As his ball approached mine, I picked up the ball I thought his might hit.  I stood and watched his ball hit my other ball – right at my feet.  Boy did I feel stupid!


3:  Cumming, Grimsley 

2:  Bennett, Pailas, Smith

1:  Curtis, Butts, Nikora 

0:  Kelley, Kraft

There were another five triple peels today.


2:  Bennett, Grimsley

1:  Cumming

After two days of play, here are the rankings.

1st Bennett (5 wins, 4 TPs)

1st Cumming (5 wins, 2 TPs)

1st Grimsley (5 wins, 3 TPs)

4th Smith (4 wins)

5th Butts (3 wins)

5th Pailas (3 wins)

7th Kelley (2 wins)

7th Nikora (2 wins, 1 TP)

9th Curtis (1 win)

10th Kraft (0 wins)

A Flight: I don’t know what happened, because they were playing on different lawns.

No one is posting scores on Croquet Scores.  Too bad.

See more pictures in the 2016 United States Open album.

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