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Solomon Trophy Year-By-Year Results

The Great Britain versus USA competition started in 1985, but John Solomon did not donate the trophy until 1988. Here are the full results from the series. Source is croquetrecords.com

Year Location Winner Score
1985 Nottingham Great Britain 9-0
1987 Palm Beach Great Britain 23-7
1988 Cheltenham Great Britain 20-1
1989 Palm Beach Great Britain 15-5
1990 Roehampton Great Britain 19-2
1991 Palm Beach Great Britain 14-7
1992 Surbiton Great Britain 19-2
1994 Palm Beach Great Britain 14-7
1995 Nottingham Great Britain 18-0
1997 Los Angeles Great Britain 16-4
1998 Bowdon Great Britain 14-7
1999 Sonoma-Cutrer Great Britain 15-6
2001 Surbiton Great Britain 20-0
2002 Palm Beach Great Britain 13-8
2004 Heaton Park Great Britain 17-4
2005 Palm Springs Great Britain 14-7
2008 Heaton Park Great Britain 21-6
2009 Palm Springs USA 11-9
2011 Hamptworth USA 11-6


Follow Croquet Network's coverage of the Solomon Trophy here:

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