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Morning Coffee: 2011 Solomon Trophy Preview Edition

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The action never stops in the world of croquet, but this week we've got a big one on deck. It's Solomon Trophy time and Great Britain is looking for revenge after the U.S. ended the U.K. reign by winning their first test in the series in December of 2009 on a rainy final day in Rancho Mirage, California. As we head into the 2011 Solomon test, both teams are sporting strong line-ups, so we could be treated to another thriller as the American team will be desperate to hold onto their hard-earned trophy. The event will be hosted by Great Britain at the Hamptworth Golf Club and Country Club near Salisbury. Great Britain leads the series 17-1. You can review the 2009 series in the free digital edition of the January 2010 edition of Croquet Network--

Line-ups and details for the 2011 event:

USA Singles (World Ranking)

1. Ben Rothman (16)
2. Danny Huneycutt (20)
3. Chris Patmore (33)
4. Doug Grimsley (55)
5. Jim Bast (50)
6. Jeff Soo (91)

USA Doubles
Jim Bast & Danny Huneycutt
Ben Rothman & Doug Grimsley
Chris Patmore & Jeff Soo

GB Singles (World Ranking)
1. Stephen Mulliner (9)
2. David Maugham (12)
3. Samir Patel (13)
4. Tony LeMoignan (18)
5. Ian Lines (19)
6. Ian Burridge (28)

GB Doubles
Stephen Mulliner & Tony LeMoignan
Samir Patel & Ian Lines
David Maugham & Ian Burridge

General Schedule
The format is the standard 21-match test, each player playing two singles and three doubles matches. Doubles matches will be best-of-three games, and singles will be best-of-five games if time permits. Two rounds of doubles are scheduled for the first day. Subsequent days have one scheduled match plus any leftover games from unfinished matches.

Tuesday matches - 9:00 a.m. (2:00 a.m EST)
Maugham & Burridge v. Patmore & Soo
Patel & Lines v. Bast & Huneycutt
Mulliner & LeMoignan v. Rothman & Grimsley

Maugham & Burridge v. Bast & Huneycutt
Patel & Lines v. Rothman & Grimsley
Mulliner & LeMoignan v. Patmore & Soo--


Indications from this WCF report page
indicate that a Team Golf Croquet World Championship could occur as early as 2012. Made for TV? I'd say so--

The Denver Croquet Club is offering free lessons every Thursday or Monday evening (website says Monday, article says Thursday) starting now through September. More details--

The ACA has released information on the Australian Men's and Women's Golf Croquet Championships to be held August 27-30. Entry fee is $85 (AUD). See PDF here for more info--

The ACA has announced that executive director Gail Farr will be leaving her position July 15 to take a full-time position with Ausport. Farr started as executive director last June--

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