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2017 MacRobertson Shield Coverage


AUS 2, USA 0
ENG 3, NZL 0 


28 -- Australia (2-0)
26 -- England (1-1
18 -- New Zealand (1-1)
17 -- USA (0-2)


Journal: Jeff Soo (USA)
Journal: Paddy Chapman (NZL)
Reports: Chris Clarke


Livestream: Lawn Four Cam
YouTube: James Hopgood Channel


Photos: Round 1
Photos: Round 2
Link: 2017 Official MacRob Website
Link: 2017 MacRob Scores
Facebook: MacRobertson Shield 2017 Page


NZL 11, USA 10
AUS 12, ENG 9


AUS 14, NZL 7
ENG 14, USA 7 

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Entries in USCA Association Rules National Championship (15)


2016 USCA AC Nationals Doubles Final

Game footage of the recent 2016 USCA AC Doubles Final between David Maloof/Jim Bast and Stuart Lawrence/Jeff Soo.

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US AC Nationals Final Four

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA -- The USCA National Association Rules Championship has narrowed down to Stuart Lawrence, Doug Grimsley, Brian Cumming and David Maloof. The quarterfinal action had Stuart Lawrence over Mike Todorovich 26tp-0, 26-18. Doug Grimsley took out Jim Hanks 26-0, 26tp-10. Brian Cumming worked past Paul Bennett 26tp-9, 0-26tp, 26-23, while David Maloof beat Sherif Abdelwahab 26tp-0, 26-18.

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Morning Coffee: US AC Nationals Rolls Out

The USCA Association Rules National Championships is underway at Mission Hills Croquet Club in Rancho Mirage, California. The event started yesterday and runs through Saturday, March 5, 2016. The participating player list is to the right and you can follow the tournament at croquetscores.com/2016/ac/usca-national-championship.

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2016 USCA National AC Championship Announced

The USCA National Association Laws Championship is scheduled for February 29-March 5, 2016 at the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California.


USCA's Croquet News Volume 2 On the Way

The USCA's Croquet News Magazine Volume 2 for 2013 shipped out this week and should be on the way to members now. In the meantime, the PDF version is available in the member's section of the USCA website.

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Morning Coffee: Rich Rocks AC Nationals

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It was another big news week in the world of croquet and it was capped off with Rich Lamm taking down Brian Cumming 3-2 to claim the the USCA Association National Championship and the Stark Cup. Reports from Rancho Mirage indicated the best of five final lasted over seven hours. Overall, American fans of international play must be stoked to see that things are getting real competitive at the top of the line-up. Enjoy the line-up ...

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USCA AC Nationals Player Journal #5

What's the plate? Why would someone be given a plate at a croquet tournament? Those were the first
questions I asked at my first croquet tournament. Sounded strange to me.

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USCA AC Nationals Player Journal #4

Today, my spring disaster tour officially came to an end. There were some high heights and some low depths. But more lessons were learned, mostly about expectations.

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USCA AC Nationals Player Journal #3

Association Rules games are long. The minimum time limit for sanctioning purposes is two hours. In the Championship flight, we play a three hour time limit. There aren't many things outside of my job that I spend three continuous hours doing.

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USCA AC Nationals Player Journal #2

Well, it came in last night. The one e-mail you dread the most when you are about to leave for a tournament. The e-mail from the tournament director/manager asking for help setting up the courts.

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USCA AC Nationals Player Journal #1

The AC Nationals begin next week in Rancho Mirage. It's the first time I will play in the AC Nationals. In fact, this is only the second sanctioned AC tournament I have ever played. This is my story ...

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Morning Coffee: Mulliner is the U.S. Association Singles Champion

Visit the StoreStephen Mulliner takes the U.S. Association Singles title with a -4, +7, +26 finals win over Ben Rothman and is now the first player to take open national singles titles in New Zealand, Britain, America and Australia. Mulliner and Brian Cumming snagged the doubles title with a 2-0 win over Jim Bast and Danny Huneycutt. Catch up on the full reports in the American CWO forum --

Croquet World Online offers a piece on changing the terrain to make croquet more "interesting" to watch/play ... ala golf. Yeah, golf like in the movie Caddyshack. I would counter that I'm not sure that golf is the sport to emulate since there's nothing particularly interesting about watching golf.

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Upcoming North American Croquet Tourneys / Mar-Jun 2011

March 2011

Mar 1–5 / Mission Hills Invitational / Mission Hills Country Club, Rancho Mirage, CA
Ron Hendry / 760-832-7681 / 760-567-6236 / croquetca@dc.rr.com / Ben Rothman, TD

Mar 3–6 / Charles Steuber Invitational / National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL
Archie Peck / 561-818-6039 / archiepeck@aol.com

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Morning Coffee: Huneycutt, Fulford and Mulliner

Danny Huneycutt protected his #1 U.S. ranking by snagging a 2-1 match victory over Ben Rothman at the USCA Association Rules National Championship at Mission Hills in California this past weekend. Rothman didn't get blanked though as he partnered with Doug Grimsley to take a 2-1 victory (+13tp, -14tp, +17tp) over Bob Van Tassell and Johnny Mitchell for the doubles title. You can check out Rothman's full report in the Croquet World Online Forum.

In weekend U.K. action, Rob Fulford took the Colchester Open with a 6-2 record that was matched only by David Maugham. Fulford won the head-to-head match to claim the title.

Earlier this month, Stephen Mulliner took the Surbiton Golf Croquet tournament with a 7-4, 7-3 victory over Nelson Morrow in the finals. Knockout results:

Stephen Mulliner beat William Gee 7-1 7-4
Andrew Johnson beat Roger Barnacle 7-2 6-7 7-6
Howard Cheyne beat Dick Stover 7-5 5-7 7-4
Nelson Morrow beat Jamie Burch 7-4 7-2

Mulliner beat Johnson 7-3 7-4
Morrow beat Cheyne 7-5 7-6

Mulliner beat Morrow 7-4 7-3


Morning Coffee: Annapolis Cup, Hayes Center and USCA Association Championship

Available for purchase, click for detailsSt. John's ruled the Annapolis Cup again beating Navy 5-0 last Saturday. St. John's now leads the series 23-5 and have pushed their current streak to five straight. Probably the biggest surprise to come out of the event is that the St. John's president took the opportunity to trash the sport of croquet:

"St. John's President Chris Nelson proclaimed croquet the "slowest sport" and invited the campus' guests to 'enjoy the picnic and watch the grass grow.'"


The Rutherford B. Hayes Center Croquet Club continues to generate headlines in their local media. The week they got a write-up on their season openining session.

The USCA Association National Championship kicked off day one yesterday at the Mission Hills Club in Rancho Mirage, California. Check the Croquet World forum for daily reports. Here is the line-up:

Championship Singles
Danny Huneycutt
Ben Rothman
Doug Grimsley
Jeff Soo
Rich Lamm
Brian Cumming
Paul Bennett
Jim Bast  
Paul Billings
Johnny Mitchell
Bob Van Tassell
Ron Lloyd
Jim Butts
Charles Smith
Ron Hendry
Steve Scalpone
Steve Summer
Martyn Selman
Steve Johnston
Tony Reaves

First Flight Singles
Donna Dixon
Dick Engebretson
Marvin Salles
Phyllis    Butts
Sheri Foroughi
Mary Rodeberg
Jane Beharriel
Steve Mossbrook
Judy Dahlstom
Jean Engebretson
Toni Kemp

Doubles Championship
Mitchell/Van Tassell

First Flight Doubles