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Entries in St. John's vs Navy Croquet (5)


Morning Coffee: GC Worlds Take Center Stage

The three-segment 2017 edition of the WCF Golf Croquet Championships is now well under-way in Cairnlea, Melbourne, Australia with the Under-21 GC World Championship now down to eight players. Here's an update on Day 3 from the Croquet New Zealand Facebook page:

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Morning Coffee: US Announces MacRob Roster?

There was certainly a bit of drama in the long wait for the US MacRobertson Shield roster line-up. I was sort of expecting a Livestream press conference with fireworks, cheerleaders and some AC/DC. Alas, the roster quietly appeared on the Americas forum on Croquet World Online. The report there names Jeff Soo, Ben Rothman, Danny Huneycutt, David Maloof, Matthew Essick

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Morning Coffee: St. John's vs Navy Scales Back

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Ah, President's Day. This is a wonderful chance for me to sleep in until 7:30 and play modern-day internet journalist. The leisurely morning with coffee, snagging of stories then pausing for a spoon feeding of rice cereal and peaches for my six-month old breakfast critic and a return to the old trusty laptop. No pressure of a press deadline, just knowing croquet fans across America will likely be checking their e-mail by noon. While across the pond, it's best to have the newsletter ready for some evening e-mail readers. Contrast that to the usual 5:00-7:00 a.m. window followed by operation school and daycare dropoff and this is the life. Enjoy it today my friend, because it's back to the grind next week.

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Annapolis Cup Winners

St. John's lead the series 24-5


2011 - Johnnies 3-1

2010 - Johnnies

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Morning Coffee: Navy-St. John's, Mulliner in the Money and MCA Schedule

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Back to our normal Monday schedule and the highlight for me this week will be celebrating St. David's Day tomorrow with a bottle of two of Tomos Watkins at Llywellyn's. Now for your regularly scheduled croquet news ...

Stephens Mulliner took International Polo Club GC Invitational top prize of $5000 with a 2-0 victory over

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