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Morning Coffee: Is Tennis is Better Than Croquet?

There are a number of interesting headlines that lead off the week, but the story that caught my eye was the piece on the Murwillumbah Croquet Club celebrating an 85th anniversary. Late in the story there is a rundown on the history of croquet and the mention of tennis rising to essentially end the reign of croquet as a popular sport in England in the late 1800's. Most malletheads are familiar with the story, but the shelving of croquet for tennis got me to thinking. Is tennis really that much more fun to watch than golf croquet? I wonder if golf

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Morning Coffee: Croquet Video Overload

Lot's of good items in the croquet news this week. I really enjoyed the two videos listed below and would love to see more of this in the croquet world. You'll also find a review I did on the new Croquet New Zealand website. Enjoy the news and I'll see you on the courts ...

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Croquet Video: Reg Bamford's Winning Turn (2011 British Open)

Paddy Chapman captured a gem with this winning turn video:

"Last few hoops of the final of the British Open Singles Championship. Reg Bamford completing his sextuple peel - just peeled 4-back and gained a rush to 2-back on the escape ball."


Croquet Poll: Who Will Win the 2011 British Open?


British Open Draw

The Draw for the Open Singles Swiss is as follows:

Chris Patmore v Paddy Chapman

Graham Gale v Jeff Dawson

Nigel Polhill v Ian Vincent

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Croquet Network Magazine - Back Issue #5 Now Available in Print

March 2010 - Issue #5

Croquet Network Issue 5:

Croquet Network Magazine #5 - March 2010 issue featuring an interview with WCF Women's World Golf Croquet Champion, Alix Verge plus a Paddy Chapman Profile and a feature on the Wine, Wickets and Wheels Golf Croquet Event to be held in July at the Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Ohio.

Morning Coffee: Bryant Wins New Zealand Open

Updated on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 07:31PM by Registered CommenterDylan

Greg Bryant wins the New Zealand Open 3-0 (26tp-19, 26tp-0, 26tp-3) over Robert Fletcher. The win came after Bryant battled through a 2-0 deficit in the sem-finals against Paddy Chapman. Bryant won that match 3-2 (17-26, 9-26tp, 26-tp-10, 26tp-0, 26-12 otp). Full bracket available on the official New Zealand Open website ... with commentary from Chris Clarke located here.

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Croquet Search Trends (July 2010)

Here is the list of hottest trending search terms to hit croquetnetwork.com in July of 2010:

01. Jerry Stark
02. Croquet Shirts
03. Croquet Video Game

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Morning Coffee: MacRobertson Shield

It's a rough month to have a croquet event or story and expect to get any attention. Clearly, the eyes of serious croquet players across the world are on Great Britain and the MacRobertson Shield competition. The U.S. team shocked the British team with a 3-0 sweep on day four to pull to 8-7. There had been talk about the British team clinching and now they go into the final day needing three wins. The Americans have the tougher challenge as they will require four wins out of the six matches.

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Croquet Network Magazine (August/September Issue Available)

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The August/September issue of Croquet Network was released yesterday and features a preview of the MacRobertson Shield that includes a group interview with Paddy Chapman, Robert Fletcher and Ben Rothman. In addition, the issue includes an interview with USCA President Gene Young and a player profile on Doug Grimsley. To be notified of future issues, sign up for the Croquet Network newsletter in the right column. View the back issues here -- password free.