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Morning Coffee: Croquet or Roque?

At the top of this week's news is the Norwegian Nine-Wicket Croquet video (see link below). There is so much that the video touches on, but the main discussion was centered toward the concept that it is really roque that is being played. It is of course interesting to see how the game has evolved in different parts of the world. No matter what the Norwegians think they are playing, I would agree with the assertion that it is pretty much roque. Fundamentally though, it hardly matters. Take away the short mallet restriction and one-hand rule (seemingly unique for Norway) and it's pretty much nine-wicket croquet.

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Norwegian Nine-Wicket Croquet Video


Announcement: Woodranch Croquet Invitational

WoodRanch Croquet is pleased to announce their second tournament of the year, a 9 Wicket Singles scheduled for Sunday, October 9, Simi Valley, California. The event will

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WoodRanch Croquet Holds Last Man Standing Tournament

After a rained out February date, the new WoodRanch Croquet Club held its first 9 wicket croquet tournament on Sunday, May 22 at the Rancho Simi Community Park in Simi Valley, California.  The WoodRanch Croquet Club is a group of people of all ages that enjoy the Simi Valley Parks and love to play croquet. Two players competing for the Rose Cup were Eric and Caren Sawyer.

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Mallethead: Questions for Croquet

1. Where Is Our Golf Croquet World Team Championship?
Start with four regions -- North America, British Isles, Africa and Oceania. Four tests -- Canada vs U.S., U.K. vs Ireland, Egypt vs South Africa, Australia vs New Zealand. The following year winners advance to final four hosted by a predetermined region winner.

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Croquet Poll: What Kind Of Croquet Do You Play?