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Entries in National Croquet Center (28)


2016 Palm Beach County Summer GC Results

The eighth annual Palm Beach County Summer Golf Croquet League came to a conclusion on Tuesday evening, August 9, 2016, at the National Croquet Center. For six weeks, a record 88 teams competed, some on Tuesday evenings and some on Wednesday evenings.

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Video: 2016 AC Worlds-Two Block Games

Video by Russell Dilley on Day One block play from the 2016 AC Worlds at the National Croquet Center in Wets Palm Beach, Florida. This double banked session features Jenny Clarke (NZ) vs Robert Hurst (USA) in Game One and Matthew Essick (USA) vs Andre Savinovs (Latvia) in Game Two.

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Video: Setting Hoops-2016 AC Worlds

Video by Jim Nicholls of groundsman Bill Mead and Tournament Referee Stephen Howes setting one of the 72 hoops at the 2016 WCF Association Croquet World Championships in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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2016 USCA Selection Eights Availability Deadline: July 31

The Selection Eights will be held October 27-30, 2016 at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is an AC Selection Event — players will be selected by the Selection Committee from those who make themselves available to compete. 

The availability form is in the members area of the USCA website under Official Forms. The deadline for availability is July 31, 2016. The selections will be made on August 14, 2016.


2016 AC Worlds-Into the Knockout

Other than MacRob, there's nothing better in the sport of croquet than the opening day of the AC Worlds knockout. For regular citizens, that means the World Championship is now entering into the playoff phase with 32 players. It's not clear yet as to whether or not today's round will be best of five or best of three, but it should be clear soon enough.

As for the actual matchups and bracket, I'm not sure that I'll ever force myself to read the WCF Sports Regs to fully understand the selection, but it always produces some interesting scenarios ...

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Eight Players Advance to ACWC

The USCA Facebook group is reporting that the following list of players have advanced from the WCF Association World Championship Qualifier to play in the main event:

Sherif Abdelwahab - USA
Mark Avery - England
Eugene Chang - England
Ian Harshman - USA
Simon Jenkins - USA
Leo McBride - Canada
Dan Pailas - USA
Ted Salter - Australia

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Young Players Ready For ACWC Exhibition

Younger players are setting a new tone for elite level Association Croquet with a special exhibition game open to visitors and press at noon on Friday, April 15, 2016, at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.  

Some, like 17-year-old football player Matthew Essick from North Carolina, grew up in croquet families.   Others, including the two teenagers from New Zealand, learned croquet at secondary schools in a program sponsored and run by the country's national croquet organization. They are in West Palm Beach to compete at the WCF World Assocation Croquet Championship next week and will go up against a field of 80 players from 13 different countries.

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Video: Drone View at the National Croquet Center

Slick drone video of Sandy Knuth Walsh running the last segment of a break at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Shot by Sherif Abdelwahab.

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Video: USCA Croquet School

A closer look at the USCA Croquet School program offered at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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2015 USCA Selection Eights Photos and Standings

WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- Final results are listed below for the 2015 United States Croquet Association Selection Eights held October 22-25, 2015 at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. The numbers indicate wins/games played.

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