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Croquet Poll: 2017 Most Popular Croquet Mallet

Welcome to our Third Annual Croquet Network Most Popular Mallet Poll. This has quickly proven to be the most popular annual feature on Croquet Network and with this 2017 edition we are anxious to see if RPM Mallets can register a third straight win (2016 Poll, December 2014 Poll). Of course, it should be recognized that this is a popularity contest and the reality is there is a long list of great mallet makers out there. This is a great opportunity for players to support their favorites.

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2016 Croquet Mallet Directory

Updated on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 07:26PM by Registered CommenterDylan

Updated on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 07:51PM by Registered CommenterDylan

Congratulations to RPM Mallets for repeating as our top vote getter in the Annual Croquet Mallet Poll. As a follow-up to the poll, here is a the full listing of manufacturers receiving votes along with additional details as available. For manufacturers out there missing details, please contact Croquet Network and details will be updated. 

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Croquet Poll: 2016 Most Popular Croquet Mallet

Last year, we provided the Annual Croquet Network Mallet Poll in December. This year, we've shifted over into the new calendar year and we are ready to see if any one can knock RPM Mallets from the top spot (2014 Poll). This year, we'll keep the poll open for one week (January 27 close). Users can vote for up to three mallets, so choose your three favorites. The idea is that many players own multiple mallets. Good luck and please report any omissions or corrections in the comments.

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Croquet Poll: 2014 Most Popular Croquet Mallet

Our last mallet poll was in 2010 when Morford Mallets and Oakley Woods tied for the top spot. It's time to update for 2014 and find a new winner. Please vote in the poll below:

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Morford Mallets Makes Donation to PCC

Bob Morford of Morford Mallets made a generous donation of three of his custom handcrafted croquet mallets to Pasadena Croquet Club member Eric Sawyer during Eric’s recent visit to

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