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Morning Coffee: South Africa Rules GC

HANEKOM WINS WOMENS GCWC: Judith Hanekom from South Africa took down New Zealand's Jenny Clarke 7-3, 4-7, 5-7, 7-6, 7-5 to become the fifth holder of the WCF Women's Golf Croquet World Championship. The event played out the over the past week in Cairo, Egypt.

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Swing Coach Now Available in the U.S.

The Swing COACH is a revolutionary croquet training tool inspired by Reg Bamford, the world's most decorated croquet player and his swing trainer concept. WoodRanch Croquet Custom Shop is proud to announce the availability of the Swing COACH here in America. This is a great addition to your off season training program and a valuable asset to any club and club pro program.

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USCA Publisher's Desk: Vision for the Croquet News

As many of you know, I took over as publisher and editor of the USCA's Croquet News at the beginning of the year. Finally, on this third issue, I've found a way to add in a publisher's letter. Space is of course tight, so the print magazine has a website URL and QR code for mobile devices that directs you to this web posting. We've done the same for Michael Rumbin's Nine-Wicket Update. It's maybe not the most elegant solution, but at least we can say we are giving you a full magazine and more. And, we are absolutely committed to keeping the USCA up to date with all of the latest trends in digital media.

Susan (my wife) has just come in with the mail and I see my advance copies of the issue have arrived. Hopefully that is a good sign that USCA members will see their issues later this week and ideally before the holidays arrive. I will note that this issue was challenging. All kinds of events converged on what should have been production week and that along with my desire to cram new elements into this edition nearly sent me over the edge.

Those new elements include a letters section which you will find on page six along with a

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USCA GC Nationals Day 2: Show and Tell

As nice as yesterday was in croquet paradise, it was nasty, gloomy and windy today. The heavy winds that wreaked havoc in the Los Angeles area yesterday are not as bad, but they are still bad enough to buffet your mallet when you are swinging for a long clear. Paradise lost, if only for a few days. Another example that when playing in a tournament, expect the unexpected.

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Announcement: Woodranch Croquet Invitational

WoodRanch Croquet is pleased to announce their second tournament of the year, a 9 Wicket Singles scheduled for Sunday, October 9, Simi Valley, California. The event will

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Rhys Thomas Takes PCC Invitational

Rhys Thomas won the Pasadena Croquet Club Invitational assocation rules tournament held over Memorial Day weekend after going 5-1 in a double round robin format, including games in which he pegged out.

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