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States Shield Expands to Four Teams

Missouri won the 2016 States ShieldCroquet Network is proud to announce an expansion for the 2017 edition of States Shield Golf Croquet team test. The GC team test started modestly in 2016 with Kansas and Missouri facing off last May with Missouri taking the inaugural title 7-3. For year two, Illinois and Wisconsin will join the mix and the first round tests will take place during the weekend of July 22. Wisconsin will host Illinois at the Milwaukee Croquet Club and Missouri will host Kansas at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club. The winners of those two tests will square off for the Shield in the Kansas City metro on August 19, 2017 at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club.

As the sponsor, Croquet Network will cover the sanction fees and provide a $450 stipend for the winning team from the north to cover travel expenses to Kansas City. The championship will rotate to the north in 2018.

Teams are comprised of three players each and initial rosters are due on June 15. Teams are allowed to name up to six players for their roster before announcing three starters for the actual tests.

Captains for the four state teams are:

Illinois - Rodney Workman
Kansas - Dylan Goodwin
Missouri - Matt Griffith
Wiconsin - Cheryl Bromley

Croquet Network is accepting applications for additional state teams for 2018 as the event plans to expand by four states in 2018. Please use this form to contact Croquet Network for information on the application process.

KEY 2017 DATES: June 15 - Rosters Due | July 22 - Round 1 Tests | August 19 - Championship Test (KC)


USCA Nine Wicket Nationals Video Preview


Morning Coffee: Mission Hills News, Sunflower Wickets and more

Recent activity and news from the Mission Hills Croquet Club in Rancho Mirage, California as reported by Genie Hendry:

  • Ben Rothman was on site from November 2009 thru April 2010 as our contract “Croquet Pro.” It is now OFFICIAL ... Ben will return in November on the Mission Hills Staff and will again be offering lessons, clinics and his valuable expertise in directing our tournaments. During the summer, he’ll be playing in tournaments with fellow TEAM USA members in preparation for the MacRobertson Shield Trophy competition, which will be held in August in England. You can catch Ben at the NA Open at the Sonoma-Cutrer Winery in Windsor, CA, and the entire USA Mac-Rob team at the Rocky Mountain Invitational in Denver, CO. GOOD LUCK GUYS ... GO TEAM USA!!!!!
  • Mission Hills’ own Ron Hendry has accepted the USCA Western Region Vice President position from Patrick Sweeney of Portland, Oregon. Patrick has done an outstanding job in representing the West through his participation as VP and by hosting the Western Regional tournament each year. Thanks for all your hard work for croquet, Patrick! The 2010 Western Regional will be held in Seattle, WA, August 26-29. See the USCA website, www.croquetamerica.com, for more details.
  • Club President Jim Butts reports Jim Bonacci has “retired” as Club Treasurer and Mike Orgill will take up his responsibilities. Jim commends Bonacci on his diligent, responsive, and almost flawless performance for the past seven years of service to the club. Thanks to Mike for taking over this important job!

The Missouri Croquet Association provided equipment and referees for the First Annual Mahaffie Sunflower Wickets golf croquet fundraiser on Saturday morning in Olathe, Kansas. The single-elimination event had 32 players participate and reportedly raised $4000 for an expansion of the main building on the historic Mahaffie Farmstead. More details and photos located on the MCA website.

Scroll down this article to find details on a Bennington, Vermont summer croquet league.

Completed registration forms are due by June 4. Registration for the season is $50 per person plus a membership in the Park McCullough House Association, which is available at a special discounted rate to croquet league members ($30 individual, $20 senior/student, $50 couple/family).

Registration forms can be picked up at the Park McCullough House, and should be dropped off with check at the kick-off party on June 10. For more information, call 442-5441.

The Buffalo Rising website reports that The Olmsted Conservancy and the Buffalo Croquet Club are hosting an open house (more details and a great night croquet photo):

... on Sunday, May 16, from 1pm-5pm, adults are welcome to join in on a round of six and nine wicket croquet. The equipment will be provided, and families are encouraged to come out and watch. By hosting an open house, the conservancy is hoping to attract more players and leagues similar to the Buffalo Croquet Club, which is an organized men's league that plays every Monday night during the summer.

The West River Wickets Club recently appeared in a feature on hometownannapolis.com. Excerpt:

Around 2004, the West River Wickets Croquet Club was officially born. The group now boasts over two-dozen active members and a handful of trophies and titles from tournaments up and down the East Coast.


Croquet Video: Katherine Roquets

This is croquet in Kansas in the winter. Note the Solomon grip. Dad uses a standard grip.

Click to read more ...


Croquet News Clips: Archie Burchfield, Sports Illustrated and Going for 100

Wow, working on the magazine has kept me away from the website more than I would like. A lot of news to catch up on:

The Archie Burchfield article on the Garden & Gun website tipped off by the USCA website last week was fantastic. Really seemed to maybe blur a bit between legend and reality, but that makes it even more interesting. It gave me a slightly different take on Jack Osborn:

"Archie got his number and called him up in New York City. 'Understand you boys play some croquet,' he said to Osborn and then invited him to bring his two best players to Kentucky for a match. Uncharmed, Osborn was neither slow nor particularly polite in telling Archie that he and his rube buddies could never hope to compete with the high strategy and skill levels of USCA players. Then he hung up."

I guess I was familiar with Osborn wanting cultivate that elite status, but I always took it as he thought that was the best way to grow the sport. If I buy into the portrayal in this article, it seems to be more of a firm belief. The description of the final between Archie and Mark Burchfield versus Osborn and Archie Peck is worth the read. A final note -- that's an interesting website name. I don't necessarily associate those two things with each other.

The Burchfield article sent me to the SI Vault to search for croquet stories. The SI Vault is a cool section of the Sports Illustrated website where you can check out full back issues of the magazine. I found two articles on croquet:

Here's the article SI did on the Burchfields vs Osborn/Peck final and here is the link to how it appeared in the magazine (go the end of the magazine and page back to 128).

And here's a 1995 article on Jacques Fournier as an eighth grader. The article is on page 12 and they even added a real live photo.

Being from Kansas, I want to discredit this portrayal of Kansas croquet with "no laying in." The stereotype that has handcuffed the sport. For the record, I've never played a game of croquet without a boundary.

Going for the century mark? Croquet two times a week might be the key:

The widow and mother-of-five drives herself to the shops, to church and to croquet two mornings a week.

Two things in this standard backyard croquet story standout to me. The first is they mention that croquet is much cheaper than golf and only requires a "twelve-pack of PBR" to play. I find that to be an odd coincidence in that I awarded a twelve-pack of PBR for my first backyard tourney. Not long after our little backyard club, became known as the PBR Tour. This quote also caught my attention:

“A lot of people think it's an old British man's sport, but many young people can play because it is really competitive.”

I was thinking that's a weird stereotype. However, I thought a little more and remembered that I had one grandfather that came straight over from Wales and my dad's side was British too. Another recent discovery is that I've landed in my early forties. So there you are -- I'm really an old British man and I play croquet. Stereotype = true.