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Entries in Kactus Creek Croquet Club (10)


2017 States Shield Rosters

All four states for the 2017 Croquet Network States Shield have submitted rosters. The teams were allowed to submit up to six players, but only three starters will play in each of the test rounds. Round one starts in July with Illinois taking on Wisconsin in Milwaukee on July 22. Kansas will play Missouri in Kansas City during the same weekend. Official dates are expected to be announced soon. The winners of those two tests will meet on August 19 for the championship to be held at Kactus Creek Croquet Club in Kansas City.

1. Rodney Workman (C)
2. Adam Barth
3. Oscar Lopez
4. Lito Ampon
5. Tom Ford
6. Eddie Charleton

1. Dylan Goodwin (C)
2. Justin Marciniak
3. Darin watson
4. Robert Fournier

1. Matt Griffith (C)
2. Matt Smith
3. Billy Bob Breeden
4. Steve Jackson
5. Deborah Millican
6. Ellie Griffith

1. Cheryl Bromley (C)
2. Nels Bjorkquist 
3. Keith Anderson
4. Paula Anderson
5. Bill Bromley 
6. Mary Hennelly

States Shield Expands to Four Teams

Missouri won the 2016 States ShieldCroquet Network is proud to announce an expansion for the 2017 edition of States Shield Golf Croquet team test. The GC team test started modestly in 2016 with Kansas and Missouri facing off last May with Missouri taking the inaugural title 7-3. For year two, Illinois and Wisconsin will join the mix and the first round tests will take place during the weekend of July 22. Wisconsin will host Illinois at the Milwaukee Croquet Club and Missouri will host Kansas at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club. The winners of those two tests will square off for the Shield in the Kansas City metro on August 19, 2017 at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club.

As the sponsor, Croquet Network will cover the sanction fees and provide a $450 stipend for the winning team from the north to cover travel expenses to Kansas City. The championship will rotate to the north in 2018.

Teams are comprised of three players each and initial rosters are due on June 15. Teams are allowed to name up to six players for their roster before announcing three starters for the actual tests.

Captains for the four state teams are:

Illinois - Rodney Workman
Kansas - Dylan Goodwin
Missouri - Matt Griffith
Wiconsin - Cheryl Bromley

Croquet Network is accepting applications for additional state teams for 2018 as the event plans to expand by four states in 2018. Please use this form to contact Croquet Network for information on the application process.

KEY 2017 DATES: June 15 - Rosters Due | July 22 - Round 1 Tests | August 19 - Championship Test (KC)


2016 Midwest GC Regionals Player Report

The ending to the first-ever USCA Regional to be held in Kansas City lived up to expectations. Cheryl Bromley and Matt Griffith faced off in a final that went the distance earlier today as Griffith took a 7-5, 5-7, 7-5 win at his Kactus Creek Croquet Club in Parkville, Missouri. The match featured great play by both players with lots of long clears and good hoop battles throughout.

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KC to Host 2016 Midwest Regional

USCA Midwestern Regional VP Matt Griffith has announced Kansas City as the host city for the 2016 USCA Midwest Regionals to be played as golf croquet singles and Waterford doubles. The event will be held June 24-26, 2016 at Griffith's Kactus Creek Croquet Club and The National Golf Club of Kansas City in Parkville, Missouri (northern part of the Kansas City metro).

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CMOZ: Air Hoop

Your Croquet Moment of Zen for January 2016:

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2015 USCA Croquet News, 2015 Volume 3 Web Edition

The 2015 Volume 3 issue of the Croquet News mailed in December and should be arriving in mailboxes soon. The web edition is also now available to USCA members on the magazine page. A few of the highlights include:

Danny Huneycutt partnered with Randy Cardo to win the doubles title, and then bested Brian Cumming in an entertaining three-game match for the singles title. It was Cardo’s first national title and a notably quick rise to the top ...

On September 1, 2007, the KCCC became an official USCA club with eight members. Most had been playing six wicket croquet for years and wanted a place to practice and compete locally. With Griffith’s “open night” approach, membership eventually reached 20 full USCA members ... 

In addition, you will find coverage on:
  • 2015 USCA Selection Eights
  • 2015 USCA Seniors Masters
  • Member Profile: Donna Dixon
  • Club Profile: Sonoma Croquet Club
  • 9 Wicket Nationals
  • Western Regional
  • Northeast / Mid-Atlantic Regional
  • On Tactics: Two for One
  • Player's Tip: Performance Thinking
ABOUT THE PDF EDITION: All website and e-mail links should be live in the PDF. If you see an interesting reference, you can click through to dig deeper or reach a contact right away. On computers, the PDF version is best viewed as "two-up" and "show cover page" if you want to see the full spreads (on your Adobe Reader top menu: View/Page Display). The PDF should also be viewable on most tablets.

Croquet Video: Kactus Creek Gets A Visit From Frank Martin

PARKVILLE, MO -- As a full-blooded Jayhawk, it pains me to post this, but look at the media exposure Midwest Regional VP Matt Griffith and his Kactus Creek Croquet Club got from hosting the Kansas City Catbackers (a local Kansas State fan club). The Wildcats head basketball coach Frank Martin was on hand and that brought interview the local NBC station. Looks like K-State is moving up, but can they ever get the Alumni Cup back.


Croquet On Facebook (February 2011)

Most popular croquet groups on Facebook for February 2011:

Rank / Group / Likes / Last Month
01. I'm not posh, just jolly good at croquet - 58,327 (1)
02. Croquet (Wikipedia) - 7,463 (2)

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Croquet On Facebook (January 2011)

Updated on Friday, January 21, 2011 at 07:37AM by Registered CommenterDylan

Most popular croquet groups on Facebook for January 2011:

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Opening Game (November 2009)

I'll have to say November kicked off with a great start as the Kactus Kreek Club here in Kansas City was able to sneak in a day's worth of play on November 1. That definitely set a precedent as my latest day in the year to play the game. I'm considering it a reward for getting that second issue of the online magazine out. It was a beautiful day and a full crowd on the court as everyone was anxious to get in a little more play.

Speaking of the magazine, thank you to all of the subscribers that have done a great job of passing it on. Through the stats, I can see that the e-mail and magazine has been viewed by more than five times the amount of subscribers on the list. Great work -- this is how it grows. For anyone that is stopping by today, you can sign up for the magazine notification e-newsletter here.

For November on the website, you can look forward to additional content that was used to build the November issue. I'll be presenting some info from the interviews and I have plenty of photos and I believe more video. I'll also be reviewing a new croquet game for the Wii that is part of the Game Party 3 compilation. Definitely wait for my review this month before you make the purchase.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that helped make the November issue possible. For the interviews, thank you to George Cochran, Ben Rothman (croquetpro.blogspot.com), Billy Bob Breeden, Matt Smith and Nick Zink. For the Rothman photo, thank you to Tim Rapuano with the New York Croquet Club. Also, I'd like to mention Matt Griffith and his Kactus Creek Croquet Club as that is where I took the photos for the contents page in both issues.

In addition, Matt Griffith, Matt Smith and Billy Bob Breeden have all been fantastic in teaching me the game over the summer. Sundays are generally always open for practice games at Kactus Creek and those guys are always willing to take some time explain the great tactical dilemmas that pop-up and strategy in general. Personally, I have a long way to go, but I feel like I've been on an accelerated plan thanks to those guys.

Anyway, stay tuned to the website and look for the December issue of the magazine by the end of the month.