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Elite Croquet Returns to Buffalo

After last year’s widely publicized Buffalo Croquet Club Invitational, top croquet players from across the nation and overseas are returning to Delaware Park in August.

The three-day tournament drew widespread acclaim and attention last summer for both its on-court competition and off-court festivities. During the day, players ranging from adolescents to elderly, men and women, competed nonstop from morning to evening. At night, they hosted cocktail parties and galas at local homes and hotels.

“It can sometimes feel like a party-and-play marathon,” said Tournament Manager Ryan Thompson, a 40-year-old attorney who lives in the Elmwood Village. “You wake up at sunrise, play croquet, have lunch at a bar, play more croquet, and then have a different party every night. Sometimes it’s the 80-year-olds who are last to bed.”

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Buffalo Croquet Begins With a Bang

BUFFALO, NY – This summer in Delaware Park in Buffalo, New York, for three straight days, this cute and clever game of croquet will be played by some of the country’s top-ranked players. The Buffalo Croquet Club Inaugural 6-Wicket Invitational will host famous players like Johnny Osborn, John Young III, Anne Frost Robinson and Douglas Moore. These include members of the United States Croquet Association (USCA) Hall of Fame, and presidents from the croquet clubs of Bermuda, Rochester and New York City.

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Croquet News: Tourney Results and New Zealand MacRobertson Line-Up

Lots of croquet activity over the weekend and most of this I posted in the forum, but I thought I'd consolidate it here for your Monday fix:

New Zealand announced their line-up for the MacRobertson Shield Competition to be held in August in the UK:

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