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Fulford's Gets His Eleventh Open Championship

LONDON, ENGLAND -- Robert Fulford claimed his record 11th Croquet Association Open Championship with a 26-6, 26-19 win over Paddy Chapman today at the Surbiton Croquet Club in London. It was his second straight Open title and he previously had a series of three straight wins from 2006-2008. John Solomon won six straight during 1963-1968.

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USCA's Croquet News: 2014 Volume 3 Edition

The USCA's Croquet News Volume 3 for 2014 went to press just prior to the holidays and is hopefully mailing this week. If you would like to enjoy a sneak preview, you can now access a PDF of this issue in the member's section of the USCA website along with back issues all the way back to 2007.

USCA Croquet News 2014, Volume 3This issue is overloaded as we’ve squeezed in features on Nine Wicket Nationals, USCA Nationals, Seniors Masters, GC Nationals and Selection Eights. We are excited to bring back feature level coverage to the Eights, which many players consider to be our premier event. And with Nine Wicket Nationals taking a quantum leap by hosting the 2014 edition at the historic Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, we are excited to provide an in-depth report on the growing success of the newest USCA championship series.

We have also launched a new Committee Guest Column and Club Profile department. The guest column this issue is from Cheryl Bromley on the Golf Croquet Committee. Going forward we will rotate the column each issue to include all of the key USCA committees. Our goal is to give members a view into the overall progress of the USCA across all sectors of the organization. Our club profile features the New York Croquet Club in this issue and again, we'll continue to explore new clubs in future editions.

Unfortunately, the sport lost a few key figures this fall. Ted Prentis and Jeff Soo have written wonderful tributes to John Solomon and Mack Penwell that are essential reading for all American croquet players. Beyond just recognizing Solomon and Penwell, both pieces provide valuable insight into the history of croquet in the US.

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2012 British Opens Primer

Here's a primer on the upcoming British Open. Draws are listed below (from Nott's List), but let's start with some info on the event:

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Morning Coffee: Nine-Wicket Dates, Desert Classic and Egyptian Balls

Click to visit CNet StoreWelcome to 2011 folks! Here's to a year filled with croquet. Catching up on recent news ...

Midwest Regional VP Matt Griffith has confirmed that the Missouri Croquet Association will again host the USCA Nine-Wicket National tournament in Kansas City. Dates have been set for September 16-18.

The Mission Hills Club has a flyer out with details on the upcoming Desert Classic Association event to be held January 25-29 in Rancho Mirage, California. Mission Hills has a busy schedule and you check out more events on their club website -- http://www.missionhillscroquet.com/

In case you missed it yesterday, the USCA has announced the 2011 Solomon Trophy team.

Bob Alman has posted a feature article on the upcoming International Polo Club Palm Beach Invitational detailing the choice to utilize Egyptian GC balls for the event. In addition, Bob has posted profiles for all of the players that will participate in the tournament, which has an $8,000 purse.

Leo Nikora posted a fascinating set of photos of John Solomon completing a single peel during the 1969 MacRobertson Shield on the Maui Club site.

And for the last item of the day, this blog link popped up in my news feed and claims to offer a comprehensive list of movies that feature croquet. Certainly, such an article is a good idea, but I'm pretty sure there are some missing from the list. One afternoon, I caught what seemed to be some 1970's romance movie that featured a brief bit of a croquet match in the background. However, I can't remember the title (help me out by commenting if you know). Fortunately, there is a better list of croquet movies provided in this 2005 article on Croquet World Online (reprinted from the English Croquet Gazette).