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2017 MacRobertson Shield Coverage


AUS 2, USA 0
ENG 3, NZL 0 


28 -- Australia (2-0)
26 -- England (1-1
18 -- New Zealand (1-1)
17 -- USA (0-2)


Journal: Jeff Soo (USA)
Journal: Paddy Chapman (NZL)
Reports: Chris Clarke


Livestream: Lawn Four Cam
YouTube: James Hopgood Channel


Photos: Round 1
Photos: Round 2
Link: 2017 Official MacRob Website
Link: 2017 MacRob Scores
Facebook: MacRobertson Shield 2017 Page


NZL 11, USA 10
AUS 12, ENG 9


AUS 14, NZL 7
ENG 14, USA 7 

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WCF Golf Croquet WC Makes First Visit to Australia

Come along and see the game of croquet played at its absolute finest when the World Croquet Federation’s Golf Croquet World Championships come to Australia for the first time at the end of February.

Around 80 players from 14 countries will converge in Melbourne from February 25 to March 5, 2017 for the 12th World Championships, which are held every two years in a nominated country and attract the best names in the sport.

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Video: 2016 AC Worlds-Two Block Games

Video by Russell Dilley on Day One block play from the 2016 AC Worlds at the National Croquet Center in Wets Palm Beach, Florida. This double banked session features Jenny Clarke (NZ) vs Robert Hurst (USA) in Game One and Matthew Essick (USA) vs Andre Savinovs (Latvia) in Game Two.

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WCF GC World Team Championship: Day One

Good news, our lads beat Sweden on Sunday in the opening day of WCF Golf Croquet World Team Championship block play with a 4-2 score. Today we play the Irish, which will be a really big game as explained below.

USA v. Sweden

Our play today was solid, but not spectacular. Ben, Danny and David were solid in winning their singles matches. Our doubles teams split, with Ben/Sherif winning their match but Danny/David losing their match. The highlight in doubles was when Ben made hoop 9 from the boundary line with a two bounce jump shot that took us to 5-4 in game two of the doubles.

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AC Worlds-The Real Final Four

Photo from Jeff Soo -- "photo of David on his match-winning turn in the QFs, Mieke watching nervously in the background"


WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- The 2016 WCF World Croquet Championship has now narrowed down from 80 players to the four best. Along the way, the event had some predictability as well as some new wrinkles. Primarily, David Maloof became just the fourth American to make the final four as was able to take down the 2013 AC World Runner-up Paddy Chapman 26-9, 7-26tp, 26-0, 26otp-12. Maloof joins Jerry Stark (1990), Jaques Fournier (2001) and Ben Rothman (2009) as the only Americans to make the final four in the 15 editions of the WCF World Championship.

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AC Worlds-Eight Players Left Standing

Updated on Friday, April 22, 2016 at 09:32AM by Registered CommenterDylan

Updated on Friday, April 22, 2016 at 12:31PM by Registered CommenterDylan

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- As 16 players went into battle on Thursday in best of five action, only two players were able to pull off "upsets" in the 2016 WCF AC World Championship. It happened to be the two Americans, David Maloof and Danny Huneycutt that went against the rankings. All of the other matches went according to the proper math, although #10 Samir Patel (ENG) had to go the distance to hold off #42 Jose Riva (ESP) 26otp-13, 22-26, 9-26tp, 26tp-20, 26-5. David Maugham (#7) (ENG) also had to go to five to hold off #26 Chris Williams (WLS) as did #8 Stephen Mulliner (ENG) in his match against #25 Stephen Forster (AUS). 

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AC Worlds-Sweet 16

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- It was a tough day for the American hopefuls as five of seven players were knocked out in the round of 32 at the 2016 WCF AC World Championship in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was particulary surprising to see four of five US players fall in the bottom (or right) half of the bracket. Included in that group was the top-ranked US player Ben Rothman (#13) as he fell 26-10, 21-26tp, 0-26tp to Jose Riva (#42) from Spain.

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2015 WCF Women's ACWC - Update #6

The WCF Women's ACWC moved into the final four today. Jenny Clark is up against Gabrielle Higgins with two games completed. Higgins 26tp-10, Clarke 36tp-0 (Tied 1-1)

Croquetscores.com is showing Miranda Chapman has advanced 26tp-0, 26tp-9 over Alison Sharpe with a 2-0 lead, but I thought earlier reports indicated that the semifinals would be best of five. In fact, Chris Clarke's commentary supports the best of five theory:

"Today's matches are best of 5 and the following time limits have been imposed 3/5/7/9/11"

Women's AC World Championship Bracket

Commentary Page


Morning Coffee: South Africa Rules GC

HANEKOM WINS WOMENS GCWC: Judith Hanekom from South Africa took down New Zealand's Jenny Clarke 7-3, 4-7, 5-7, 7-6, 7-5 to become the fifth holder of the WCF Women's Golf Croquet World Championship. The event played out the over the past week in Cairo, Egypt.

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Jenny Clarke is Women's AC World Champ

CAIRNLEA, VICTORIA -- Jenny Clarke took down Alison Sharp 3-0 (+9 +25 +26) in a best of five final to claim the first ever WCF Women's Association Croquet World Championsip. The event was held at the Victorian Croquet Centre in Cairnlea, Victoria October 21-28.

Gold Medallist and Winner of The Charles Jones Memorial Trophy - Jenny Clark (NZ)
Silver Medallist - Alison Sharpe (AUS)
Bronze Medallists - Rosemary Graham (AUS) and Chloe Aberley (AUS)
Bowl - Anna Miller (AUS) with Runner Up, Marion McInnes (NZ)
Plate - Elaine Coverdale (AUS) with Runner Up, Anne Quinn (AUS)
Shield - Alison Robinson (NZ) with Runner Up, Jane Magill (NZ)

Commentary of the final from the Croquet Association:

Short New Zealand website article:

Short article with photo:

Full playoff bracket:


Morning Coffee: Bryant Repeats at NZ Open

Visit the storeAre you ready for a little trip to New Zealand? Most of the croquet news this week centers around the New Zealand Open, so grab your passport and enjoy the rundown ...

NZ OPEN REPEAT: Greg Bryant defeated Toby Garrison 3-1 (-26tp, +26tp, 26tp, +9tp) to retain the New Zealand Open Association title. Full match commentary here--

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Morning Coffee: Rachel Rowe is the Women's GC Champ

Visit the storeAll kinds of action on the world croquet scene this week. Let's get right into it--

ROWE IS WORLD CHAMPION: England's Rachel Rowe defeated Jenny Clark (7-3, 6-7, 5-7, 7-6, 7-4) to become the WCF Women's World Golf Croquet Champion. The finals match was held at the Mount Maunganui Croquet Club in New Zealand. Photos are available on the tourney website and a full report is available from the CA--

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Morning Coffee: Huneycutt Picks Up a New Title

Visit the storeNovember is well under way and the U.S. now has a new national champion for the deadness game while in Australia the young Fletcher crew has become quite a force. I have to say though, I'm most happy this morning because our newest family member let me sleep in until 4:30 a.m. Hooray for sleep! Here's your weekly dose--

HUNEYCUTT IS U.S. CHAMP: Danny Huneycutt won his first U.S. Rules title with a +24, -24, 20-10 win over Jeff Soo. Britt Ruby and Rory Kelly took the doubles title with a win over Brian Cumming and Ben Rothman 19-10. In first flight action, Steve Mossbrook took the title with a 17-5 win over Mary Rodeberg.

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Morning Coffee: Buzz for Women's GC Worlds

Visit the storeWell the MC isn't quite back on track yet, but we'll press on. Pour a cup and enjoy this week's rundown of the world croquet news--

WOMEN'S GC WORLDS: New Zealand's Daily Post has an early preview on next month's WCF Women's World Golf Croquet Championship. Full of quotes from Jenny Clarke--

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Croquet Video: 2010 MacRob Highlights

A Paddy Chapman video of random highlights from the first two New Zealand tests during the 2010 MacRobertson Shield competition.


Morning Coffee: Rothman Wins Western Regionals

Visit the StoreBen Rothman took the USCA Western Regionals Championship flight this past weekend. Full results --

The 2011 Trans-Tasman (AUS vs NZ) Test starts this weekend. Full details--

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