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2017 MacRobertson Shield Coverage


AUS 2, USA 0
ENG 3, NZL 0 


28 -- Australia (2-0)
26 -- England (1-1
18 -- New Zealand (1-1)
17 -- USA (0-2)


Journal: Jeff Soo (USA)
Journal: Paddy Chapman (NZL)
Reports: Chris Clarke


Livestream: Lawn Four Cam
YouTube: James Hopgood Channel


Photos: Round 1
Photos: Round 2
Link: 2017 Official MacRob Website
Link: 2017 MacRob Scores
Facebook: MacRobertson Shield 2017 Page


NZL 11, USA 10
AUS 12, ENG 9


AUS 14, NZL 7
ENG 14, USA 7 

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Entries in Jeff Soo (86)


Morning Coffee: Soo Claims 2014 Grand Prix

TIGHT GP RACE FOR 2014: With 2014 in the books, that brings another USCA Grand Prix to a close. The standings show that Jeff Soo edged out Ben Rothman with 22,225 points to Rothman's 19,515. Based on Rothman's three national titles (USCA Singles, GC Singles and GC Doubles) versus Soo's two titles (AC Singles and USCA Doubles), it could again spell controversy for the USCA which uses the Grand Prix to select the USCA Player of the Year.

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USCA's Croquet News: 2014 Volume 3 Edition

The USCA's Croquet News Volume 3 for 2014 went to press just prior to the holidays and is hopefully mailing this week. If you would like to enjoy a sneak preview, you can now access a PDF of this issue in the member's section of the USCA website along with back issues all the way back to 2007.

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Morning Coffee: CWO Interviews Soo

CWO INTERVIEWS JEFF SOO: An extended interview with American legend Jeff Soo has been posted on the the Croquet World Online site. Lots of good stuff. Here's an excerpt before you jump in:

Golf Croquet is a boon, nothing mixed about it. The health of croquet isn't measured by how many dues-paying members there are, but how much croquet is being played. Golf Croquet has a much broader appeal than Association Croquet or American rules. Maybe if the USCA put more work into the development Golf Croquet events we'd get more members. Right now there's very little on the calendar.

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Jeff Soo Chasing Number Six

Jeff Soo certainly has his name all over the USCA Champion's page. In fact, he currently holds five National American Rules titles in both singles (2013, 2008, 2005, 2002, 2000) and doubles (2013, 2008, 2002, 2001, 1999). When the balls roll out for the 2014 USCA American Rules Croquet National Championships to be held October 5-11 at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, Soo will be on the cusp of an unprecedented achievement in US croquet.

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USCA's Croquet News: 2014 Volume 2 Edition

2014 Volume 2The USCA's Croquet News Magazine Volume 2 for 2014 has been mailed and members are already receiving copies. In addition to the paper version, you can now access a PDF of this issue in the member's section of the USCA website along with back issues all the way back to 2007. This allows you to enjoy the Croquet News on your tablet or computer.

The 2014 Volume 2 edition features a recap of the 2014 AC National Championship won by Jeff Soo as well as in-depth biographies on CFA Hall of Fame nominees Erv Peterson and David McCoy. Four regional events are also covered in this issue. We have an outstanding player profile on Rich Schiller and you will find the usual line-up of columns and departments throughout the magazine.

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USCA Expands to a Sixth Eight

After initially launching as a 40-player event, Danny Huneycutt announced yesterday that the USCA's Selection Eights event will add a sixth eight and include 48 players. The current list of players and waiting list follows.  Each group is in order by the Selection Committee ranking.  If any players opt out, players will be promoted to the next group by rank.

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U.S. AC Championship for Soo

Updated on Monday, April 14, 2014 at 07:07AM by Registered CommenterDylan

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA -- Jeff Soo beat Ben Rothman 26tp-9, 26tpo-14 to claim his first U.S. AC National Singles title yesterday at the Mission Hills Croquet Club in Rancho Mirage, California. Jeff Soo advanced over Paul Bennett 26-11, 26-21, to earn his place in the final. Rothman had a 9-26, 26tp-1, 26-20otp win over Brian Cumming to make the final. That match ended a streak of 24 straight triples that broke a 2007 record of 20.

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Jeff Soo Gets One for the Thumb

Soo in play earlier this year in North CarolinaRANCHO MIRAGE, CA -- The USCA National Championship wrapped up this weekend at Mission Hills Croquet Club. Jeff Soo snagged a record fifth singles title with a 2-0 (26-5, 26-16) win over Doug Grimsley.

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2013 USCA Association Doubles Champions

The 2013 National Association Laws Doubles Championship was completed at the
National Croquet Center just prior to Selection Eights on October 23. Ben Rothman and Doug Grimsley defeated Brian Cumming and Jeff Soo to claim their second straight doubles AC championship and fourth overall as a duo.
Due to excessive rainfall, the final was carried over from the main AC National Championship event that was held in April 29-May 4 at the National Croquet Center.

Rothman Going For Singles Triple Crown

Ben Rothman at the 2013 USCA Selection Eights in FloridaRANCHO MIRAGE -- As the number one ranked player in the US, Ben Rothman certainly has his name all over the USCA Champion's page. In fact, he is currently in possession of all six major singles and doubles national titles for the USCA. But when the balls roll out for the 2013 USCA American Rules Croquet National Championship to be held November 11-17 at the Mission Hills

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Morning Coffee: Selection Eights Round-Up

Ben Rothman in play at the 2013 Eights

WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- The big news to come out of the 2013 U.S. Selection Eights weekend is a line-up change for Team USA for the upcoming MacRobertson Shield. Damon Bidencope has withdrawn due and his spot on the team will be taken by

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U.S. Golf Croquet Players Are Ready for Nationals

An elite field of sixteen players will travel to the North Carolina high country for the USCA’s 2013 Golf Croquet National Championship to be held at the Lake Toxaway Country Club in Lake Toxaway, NC. Top seed will be Stephen Mulliner of England, currently ranked seventh in the world, and winner of both the British and European 2013 Golf Croquet championships.

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USCA Announces 2013 MacRobertson Team

The USCA Selection Committee has announced the following team to represent the USA in the upcoming World Team  Championship for the MacRobertson Shield:

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2012 Solomon Trophy Video


Solomon Trophy Pro-Am

What is it: a half-day tournament in which "amateurs" play alternate stroke doubles partnered with "pro" members of the USA and GB Solomon Trophy teams. The alternate stroke format gives you a first-hand look at how world-class players think and play, making this fun and low-key competition a unique opportunity to learn directly from some of the best players in the world.


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