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2016 USCA Croquet News Volume 1, Web Edition

The 2016 Volume 1 issue of the USCA's Croquet News magazine mailed in April and should be arriving in member's mailboxes soon. Today, the web edition PDF is also now available to USCA members on the magazine page of the USCA website. A few of the highlights include:

In this feature, I held an email roundtable discussion with current USCA President Johnny Mitchell and recent presidents Eugene Young and Rich Curtis. The discussion touched on a range of topics around current USCA challenges and the future vision. Excerpt:

"Promoting the sport is an entirely different issue. I know that all those who are involved in croquet truly have a passion for it and have a hard time understanding why more don’t play. Yes, we have seen pockets of expansion. North Carolina is a good example of this, but I feel it is not as easy as just trying to follow that model. Each area of the country is unique. What works in one may not be effective in another. Development is dependent on having local support. No matter where or who you may sell the idea of croquet to, unless some local support or the drive to keep it going is there, it just won’t work."
--Johnny Mitchell

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2016 North Florida Cup

On February 13, 2016, near the St. John's River just south of downtown Jacksonville, Florida, 16 representatives of the Hammock Dunes Croquet Association met with 16 representatives of the Florida Yacht Club to compete for the new "North Florida Croquet Cup." It was the first of what the clubs hope will be many inter-club events among several new, and not so new, croquet clubs in North Florida.

Established in 1876, the Florida Yacht Club group is the first of two new groups to establish croquet in the Jacksonville area, with over 80 players active each week on two full-sized lawns with a beautiful setting directly on the river, next to their historic clubhouse.

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