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Morning Coffee: US Announces MacRob Roster?

There was certainly a bit of drama in the long wait for the US MacRobertson Shield roster line-up. I was sort of expecting a Livestream press conference with fireworks, cheerleaders and some AC/DC. Alas, the roster quietly appeared on the Americas forum on Croquet World Online. The report there names Jeff Soo, Ben Rothman, Danny Huneycutt, David Maloof, Matthew Essick

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Morning Coffee: CWO Interviews Soo

CWO INTERVIEWS JEFF SOO: An extended interview with American legend Jeff Soo has been posted on the the Croquet World Online site. Lots of good stuff. Here's an excerpt before you jump in:

Golf Croquet is a boon, nothing mixed about it. The health of croquet isn't measured by how many dues-paying members there are, but how much croquet is being played. Golf Croquet has a much broader appeal than Association Croquet or American rules. Maybe if the USCA put more work into the development Golf Croquet events we'd get more members. Right now there's very little on the calendar.

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Morning Coffee: Bryant Repeats at NZ Open

Visit the storeAre you ready for a little trip to New Zealand? Most of the croquet news this week centers around the New Zealand Open, so grab your passport and enjoy the rundown ...

NZ OPEN REPEAT: Greg Bryant defeated Toby Garrison 3-1 (-26tp, +26tp, 26tp, +9tp) to retain the New Zealand Open Association title. Full match commentary here--

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Croquet Network Magazine (May/June Digital Issue)

The new issue of Croquet Network magazine is now available for viewing as a digital magazine on your PC or laptop for $3.00. Yep, the era of free viewing is over, but c'mon it's three bucks -- less than a beer in most pubs.

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Morning Coffee: WCF News Machine, ACA Championships and NZ Results

Visit StoreStill adjusting to the time change, so we shifted the MC one day. Enjoy the news ...

From 38 entries, eight wildcards have been chosen for the 2011 WCF World GC Championship to be held in London, England in July. The wildcards are --

Howard Cheyne, ENG
Marcus Evans, ENG
Ian Lines, ENG

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Morning Coffee: Bryant Wins New Zealand Open

Updated on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 07:31PM by Registered CommenterDylan

Greg Bryant wins the New Zealand Open 3-0 (26tp-19, 26tp-0, 26tp-3) over Robert Fletcher. The win came after Bryant battled through a 2-0 deficit in the sem-finals against Paddy Chapman. Bryant won that match 3-2 (17-26, 9-26tp, 26-tp-10, 26tp-0, 26-12 otp). Full bracket available on the official New Zealand Open website ... with commentary from Chris Clarke located here.

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