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USCA Croquet News, 2015 Volume 2 Web Edition

Click to ZoomThe 2015 Volume 2 issue of the Croquet News mailed this week and should be hitting mailboxes soon. The web edition is also now available to USCA members on the magazine page. This time around we've created a few little extras in the web edition, so have fun checking those out. A few of the highlights include:

When Captain Samir Patel was bringing the sterling silver Solomon Trophy through customs, he was asked if he was planning to leave anything of value in the USA. His response, "Of course not."

Prentis was my partner and he told me, toward the end of a match, 
that if I missed a shot we would lose. We were so far ahead I argued 
with him, then missed the shot ... and then lost. There is a lesson 
there, and one day I will figure out what it might be.

I bore you with all this because one of the most persistent myths 
about hoop-running is that you should play the stroke so as to impart topspin to the ball. This is impossible, if we take “topspin” to mean forward rotation beyond that of a normally rolling ball. What you want is not topspin, but instead a ball that is rolling rather than skidding when it reaches the hoop.
In addition, you will find coverage on:

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Greenwich Croquet Club Elects New President

Passing of the MalletGREENWICH, CT -- After eight years as President of the Greenwich Croquet Club, Greenwich CT, Barbara Leeming (left) retired and passed the mallet to newly elected President, Lee Kennedy (right) setting a new club tradition. The mallet will be aptly named the Leeming President’s Mallet to be held by Kennedy until the next president is elected. The official ceremony took place at the club’s annual Christmas Dinner Party in Greenwich on December 14.

Other officers and directors elected included William Dordelman, Vice President; William Duncan, Treasurer; Ian Sidey, Secretary; Ann Hall Elser, Director; and Cynthia Chang Scanlan, Director. Kennedy, a resident of Sleepy Hollow NY will be the eighth president since the club was founded in 1988, and is also an original member of the Sorrento Croquet Club in Maine. More information about the club can be found at www.greenwichcroquet.com.


Croquet Search Trends (June 2010)

July slipped by quickly but here is the complete list for hottest trending croquet keywords that hit CroquetNetwork.com during the month of June. July data will be available pretty soon.

01. Jerry Stark
02. Greenwich Croquet Club
03. Croquet Network Magazine

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December Croquet Links: Greenwich, Lenox and Croquet Ireland

North American Clubs

Greenwich Croquet Club -- Active croquet club in Greenwich, Connecticut with a vast website.

Lenox Croquet Club -- The Lenox Croquet Club is a USCA-sanctioned club located in Lenox, Massachusetts with two and a half full-size courts or as many as five half-size courts.


Croquet Ireland -- Croquet Association of Ireland website.

Scottish Croquet Association -- The Scottish Croquet Association's website.


Carrickmines -- Carrickmines Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club in Ireland.

Edinburgh Croquet Club  -- Edinburgh Croquet Club in Scotland.

All links above will now appear in the Croquet Links section on the navigation bar at the top of the site. Any links back are greatly appreciated.