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Soo: Middle Player Battles Shaping Up #03

Two thirds of the way through the block stage, there is still all to play for for most of the field. One of the interesting features of this tournament (and one that more tournaments should emulate) is how the block rounds are ordered. With four players advancing from each block, the critical games should be those between the players in the middle of the blocks, in the #3 through #6 positions. Those players have already played the remaining players and will effectively play mini-blocks tomorrow.

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2015 Best of Croquet Network

As we start, the second month of 2016, we've now had a chance to look at the web statistics and can now present the 2015 Most Popular Lists for Croquet Network:

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2015 WCF Women's ACWC - Update #6

The WCF Women's ACWC moved into the final four today. Jenny Clark is up against Gabrielle Higgins with two games completed. Higgins 26tp-10, Clarke 36tp-0 (Tied 1-1)

Croquetscores.com is showing Miranda Chapman has advanced 26tp-0, 26tp-9 over Alison Sharpe with a 2-0 lead, but I thought earlier reports indicated that the semifinals would be best of five. In fact, Chris Clarke's commentary supports the best of five theory:

"Today's matches are best of 5 and the following time limits have been imposed 3/5/7/9/11"

Women's AC World Championship Bracket

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Gabrielle Higgins is New WCF Treasurer

The WCF has announced that Gabrielle Higgins has been appointed as the new Treasurer with immediate effect in succession to Ian Burridge.  Gabrielle is a London barrister, a member of the Hurlingham Club and Parson's Green Club and the current British Women's AC Champion.

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Croquet Video: 2011 Spencer Ell