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Bromley #08: GC Worlds Final Eight

The Final Eight have been decided! After two rounds of Knock Out play, the following players have reached the quarterfinals - John Christie (NZ), Ahmed Nasr (EG), Peter Landrebe (AUS), Felix Webby (NZ), Hamy Erian (EG), Mohamad Karem (EG), Reg Bamford (SAF), and Jenny Clarke (NZ).

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Bromley #07: Five Players Undefeated

Updated on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 08:20AM by Registered CommenterCheryl Bromley

This evening as I am writing this, there is still much that is going on behind the scenes to set up the Knock Out Draw, Plate matches, and venue allocations and start times. There were several playoff matches going on into the late afternoon that had a bearing on all of these things being finalized.

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Morning Coffee: Rich Rocks AC Nationals

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It was another big news week in the world of croquet and it was capped off with Rich Lamm taking down Brian Cumming 3-2 to claim the the USCA Association National Championship and the Stark Cup. Reports from Rancho Mirage indicated the best of five final lasted over seven hours. Overall, American fans of international play must be stoked to see that things are getting real competitive at the top of the line-up. Enjoy the line-up ...

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GC Worlds: Elite Eight ... or Nine

The playoff continues and from what I can piece together from internet sources (Facebook) only on match remains to be conluded from the second round. It happens to be the marquee matchup of Duncan Dixon vs

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GC Worlds: Day Three Update

The GC Worlds website has the PDF newsletter available for Wednesday (PDF download). A list of qualified players follows as all players start today with one final block game. The knockout will start later today.

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Morning Coffee: It's GC Championship Week

Click image to visit storeBy the time this post hits the web, the BestInvest Golf Croquet World Championship will be well underway. It looks like another update filled week, but at this point, it's not clear how the tourney will be "broadcast." All hints from the Nottingham list indicate the Under-21 GC scoreboard was a test for the open event. It was pretty slick so let's hope so. As soon as I can detect live scoring, Croquet Network will spread the word. In the meantime, here is the regularly scheduled news update ...

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