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Entries in Croquet News Magazine (7)


2016 Croquet News Volume 3, Web Edition

The 2016 Volume 3 issue of the USCA's Croquet News magazine went to press earlier this month and should be mailing to members soon. The web edition PDF is also now available to USCA members on the magazine page of the USCA website (log in required).

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USCA Croquet News, 2015 Volume 1 Web Edition

The 2015 Volume 1 issue of the Croquet News is now available to USCA members on the magazine page. The issue includes:

  • 2015 Club Teams Championship
  • Chattooga Club Profile
  • Croquet Week GC Tournament
  • Florida Golf Croquet Regional
  • Florida Six Wicket Regional
  • Matthew Essick Profile
  • On Tactics: Insurance Play and Swap

ABOUT THE PDF EDITION: All website and e-mail links should be live in the PDF. If you see an interesting reference, you can click through to dig deeper or reach a contact right away. On computers, the PDF version is best viewed as "two-up" and "show cover page" if you want to see the full spreads (on your Adobe Reader top menu: View/Page Display). The PDF should also be viewable on most tablets.


USCA Croquet News Magazine 2014 Volume 1

The USCA's Croquet News Magazine Volume 1 for 2014 features Team USCA member David Maloof on the cover and the print edition should have reached most members in April. You can also now enjoy the PDF version which is available in the member's section of the USCA website along with back issues all the way back to 2007.

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USCA Publisher Account Hacked

To all contacts related to the USCA's Croquet News magazine, the e-mail account was hacked and utilized to send out a spam link to all e-mail addresses. Yahoo did suspend the account relatively quickly. I have gained back control of the account at this point; however, it is still suspended from sending e-mail. You can still send mail in as I will receive it and hopefully this suspension will be lifted soon. 

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Morning Coffee: Ambitious Goal for 2013

Happy New Year's Eve! We're getting this 39th edition in just under the wire, but I feel like 2012 was a good year for the Morning Coffee newsletter. Growth certainly hasn't been explosive, but it has been steady. At this point, it's clear that it is the crown jewel of the Croquet Network media empire. That's a happy little surprise as the original intent was just to provide a reminder and links to the now defunct Croquet Network print and digital magazine issues.

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USCA Publisher's Desk: Vision for the Croquet News

As many of you know, I took over as publisher and editor of the USCA's Croquet News at the beginning of the year. Finally, on this third issue, I've found a way to add in a publisher's letter. Space is of course tight, so the print magazine has a website URL and QR code for mobile devices that directs you to this web posting. We've done the same for Michael Rumbin's Nine-Wicket Update. It's maybe not the most elegant solution, but at least we can say we are giving you a full magazine and more. And, we are absolutely committed to keeping the USCA up to date with all of the latest trends in digital media.

Susan (my wife) has just come in with the mail and I see my advance copies of the issue have arrived. Hopefully that is a good sign that USCA members will see their issues later this week and ideally before the holidays arrive. I will note that this issue was challenging. All kinds of events converged on what should have been production week and that along with my desire to cram new elements into this edition nearly sent me over the edge.

Those new elements include a letters section which you will find on page six along with a

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News Clips: U.S. Selection Eight Results, Croquet News and Nine-Wicket Flash Movies

Selection Eight Reports / Bob Alman has a pretty good rundown on the U.S. Selection Eight results in the Croquet World forum. Here are the top two group placings as reported there (third eight released tomorrow):


1. Ben Rothman (10)
2. Danny Huneycutt (9)
3. Doug Grimsley (8)
4. Rich Lamm (7)
5. Jerry Stark (6)
5. Brian Cumming (6)
7. Jim Bast (5)
7. Paul Billings (5)


1. Rick Wilhoite (12)
2. Stuart Lawrence (8)
3. Bob Kroeger (7)
3. John Osborn (7)
3. Brit Ruby (7)
6. Charles Gillmartin (5)
6. Peter Just (5)
6. Johnny Mitchell (5)

Croquet News Fall 2009 Issue / The new issue of Croquet News hit my mail box yesterday. Mik Mehas is on the cover and other highlights include an interesting article on croquet presented at a kids sports conference in Florida and a detailed explanation on the USCA handicap system (I'm a 20). Don't be confused by the Summer 2009 cover date, I'm pretty sure it's the fall issue.

Nine-Wicket Flash Training / Long ago I had noticed videos on the old nine-wicket website about running breaks. It was just recently that I checked out the videos on the new site. I didn't realize they were upgraded to interactive flash videos. They are very well done and I would say they are essential viewing for anyone playing the nine-wicket game. I'd love to see one of these on the association triple and sextuple peels.

Two-Ball Break

Three-Ball Break

Four-Ball Break