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2017 MacRobertson Shield Coverage


AUS 2, USA 0
ENG 3, NZL 0 


28 -- Australia (2-0)
26 -- England (1-1
18 -- New Zealand (1-1)
17 -- USA (0-2)


Journal: Jeff Soo (USA)
Journal: Paddy Chapman (NZL)
Reports: Chris Clarke


Livestream: Lawn Four Cam
YouTube: James Hopgood Channel


Photos: Round 1
Photos: Round 2
Link: 2017 Official MacRob Website
Link: 2017 MacRob Scores
Facebook: MacRobertson Shield 2017 Page


NZL 11, USA 10
AUS 12, ENG 9


AUS 14, NZL 7
ENG 14, USA 7 

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Croquet Website Power Rankings - March 2017

The recent post from CWO on the OxfordCroquet.com website prompted me to take a look at the site rank for all of the prevalent croquet websites. Using independent sources along with a power formula the top 10 sites based on traffic stats over the are presented on the right. It's no surprise to see USCA website at the top of the rankings, but it should be noted that winter is the slow time for the USCA site.

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2017 Croquet Network Media Kit

Dedicated followers will note that in 2016 Croquet Network launched an initiative to provide daily coverage of certain events. Examples include the British Opens, Solomon Test, USCA Golf Croquet Nationals and the US Open. Ideally, we'll tackle more events in 2017 ... so we would love to see some sponsorships develop to help us accelerate our ability to produce better croquet content here on Croquet Network.

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Morning Coffee: Croquet Network vs Croquet Nation

With the summer croquet season winding down here in Kansas City, the Morning Coffee series is back on tap until next summer. Out of the gate for the offseason, we are making some branding adjustments. Several years ago, the forum site became the home of croquetnetwork.com. Over the next few weeks, the forum community will officially transition to the CroquetNation.com name and domain. And, this old magazine site is re-claiming the CroquetNetwork.com domain and branding.

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Survey: Croquet Network E-Newsletter Follow-up

Last month, several readers participated in a survey on the weekly Croquet Network eNewsletter (now closed). I am pleased to report that all respondents rated the newsletter as good (58%) or excellent (42%). Granted, the survey obviously would have been most likely to find current subscribers ... and well, readers that don't like the newsletter would have unsubscribed long ago, so you can assume the favorable rating is a bit skewed. However, I'm going to run with that stat for now.

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Croquet Network #1 - 2012 Solomon Wrap Radio

Listen to internet radio with Croquet Network on Blog Talk Radio



Croquet Poll: Your Favorite Croquet Website


First Shot: Changes on the Croquet Media Landscape

Earlier this year, I agreed to take on the role of publisher and editor of the USCA's Croquet News magazine which has three issues per year and is distributed to all 3,000 members of the association. In conjunction with that new assignment,

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Croquet Poll: Your favorite part of Croquet Network


Croquet On Facebook (April 2011)

Jaques London is the new fast mover for croquet Facebook groups with a jump from ninth place to fifth and 626 followers/likes. "Posh" is staying on the list because occasionally intersting croquet items are posted there (like Croquet Cuppers). Most popular croquet groups on Facebook for April 2011:

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Croquet On Facebook (March 2011)

Most popular croquet groups on Facebook for March 2011:

Rank / Group / Likes / Last Month
01. I'm not posh, just jolly good at croquet - 58,247 (1)
02. Croquet (Wikipedia) - 7,751 (2)

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Croquet Search Trends (February 2011)

Here are the hottest trending keywords to hit croquetnetwork.com in February:

01.  croquet network
02.  jane beharriel
03.  palm beach golf croquet invitational, february
04.  wii croquet
05.  2011 int'l polo club invitational, croquet

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Croquet Search Trends (January 2011)

Here are the hottest trending keywords to hit croquetnetwork.com in December:

01. croquet network
02. palm beach golf croquet invitational, february
03. wii croquet

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Croquet Search Trends (December 2010)

Here are the hottest trending keywords to hit croquetnetwork.com in December:

01. croquet network
02. wii croquet
03. ben rothman
04. brian cumming
05. croquet video game
06. steve scalpone
07. alix verge
08. croquet magazine
09. david collie
10. frank vuitch
11. leo nikora
12. morford mallets
13. navy croquet
14. rufus bayard wilmington
15. us open croquet


Morning Coffee: WCF Hall of Fame, Paul Skinley, Big 10 Croquet and Swing Trainer

Click to visit CNet StoreThe free digital digition of the December / January issue of Croquet Network is going through final corrections and release is imminent. Expect the full media blitz at anytime.

The WCF is accepting 2011 nominations for the Croquet Hall of Fame. Follow the link to see previous inductees and a link to the online nomination form.

In other WCF news, Martin French is providing a monthly newsletter on WCF activities that will be available as a PDF.

Great article on Paul Skinley appeared on the Wauganui Chronicle website the other day as a follow-up to his North Island Championship win. Here's an excerpt:

"I'm not sure how many times I've won this tournament because I haven't played in it often - but I played in it when I was 15 in 1974, and won. So it's nice to win it at 51, going on 52."

Full results for the North Island Championship and the South Island Championship are available on the Croquet New Zealand website.

The CA website has a photo up for Rutger Beijderwellen's new swing trainer.

The ACA has made an invitation (PDF) available for the Inaugural GC President's Tens to be held February 11-14 at the Victorian Croquet Centre in Cairnlea.

Check the CWO Australia forum for several posts from Liz Fleming on the flooding in Australia. Opening excerpt:

These 100-year floods in Queensland, with three rivers overflowing their banks, have put most of the croquet lawns under water and dislocated both croquet players and crocodiles.

An Abilene, Texas reader gave croquet a little press on the Reporter News website, when she claimed that croquet might be too rough for the Big 10 after their "less-than-stellar" bowl season.


Morning Coffee: Melville Over Verge in Australian GC Championship

The Sunshine Coast Daily has reported that Margaret Melville took down reigning world champion Alix Verge 7-4, 6-7, 3-7, 7-5, 7-4 in the Australian Women's Single GC final at the Headland Buderim Croquet Club.

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