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2018 Croquet Mallet Directory

Congratulations to Brass Spot Mallets and Marcelino Piquero for taking top spot in the 2017 Annual Croquet Network Mallet Poll. Brass Spot notched 167 votes in a poll that set a new record with 454 total votes. For players though, the good news is the number of mallet makers has now grown to 27 which is up four from 2016.

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Morning Coffee: St. John's vs Navy Scales Back

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Ah, President's Day. This is a wonderful chance for me to sleep in until 7:30 and play modern-day internet journalist. The leisurely morning with coffee, snagging of stories then pausing for a spoon feeding of rice cereal and peaches for my six-month old breakfast critic and a return to the old trusty laptop. No pressure of a press deadline, just knowing croquet fans across America will likely be checking their e-mail by noon. While across the pond, it's best to have the newsletter ready for some evening e-mail readers. Contrast that to the usual 5:00-7:00 a.m. window followed by operation school and daycare dropoff and this is the life. Enjoy it today my friend, because it's back to the grind next week.

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Croquet Poll: Your Holiday Wishlist


Backyard Warrior: 15 Winning Tips for the Backyard Croquet Game

Did you get roped into playing a croquet tourney with your new girlfriend’s family? Maybe you have to attend a backyard croquet party that your boss is throwing. Don’t sweat it. Here are 16 tips to make sure you dominate that casual backyard game of double-diamond cutthroat croquet (six players, one ball each).

1. Choose the mallet with the heaviest head and the longest shaft (adult-sized mallet shafts are roughly 36”).

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Mallethead: 10 Reasons Croquet is Better Than Golf

1. More Fun, Less Time
A backyard game of singles golf croquet (13-point) can usually be played out in about 20 to 25 minutes. A round of golf equals what? Three hours? Four hours? More? Check out the USCA Synopsis on golf croquet rules here.

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Croquet Poll: Mallet Head Length?