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National Croquet Center: Sweetser is New GM

The Croquet Foundation of America (CFA), has announced the promotion of Marie Sweetser to the position of General Manager of the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. For the time being, Sweetser will also continue her duties as Membership Director for the resident National Croquet Club, and Manager of Guest Services for the Center. Sweetser, a longtime Florida resident and Pittsburg native, is the former owner of Golden Dart Fast Italian Jet Yachts of Italy. She spent years handling large luxury yacht sales and service for the Codecasa Shipyards of Viareggio, Italy. After returning to the US, Sweetser spent several years in the public relations department of the PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens. Marie spent many years living between residences in Switzerland and Milan, Italy. As a licensed Florida Realtor, she also enjoys working with high-net-worth international clients coming to the Palm Beaches from throughout Europe.

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USCA Croquet News, 2015 Volume 2 Web Edition

Click to ZoomThe 2015 Volume 2 issue of the Croquet News mailed this week and should be hitting mailboxes soon. The web edition is also now available to USCA members on the magazine page. This time around we've created a few little extras in the web edition, so have fun checking those out. A few of the highlights include:

When Captain Samir Patel was bringing the sterling silver Solomon Trophy through customs, he was asked if he was planning to leave anything of value in the USA. His response, "Of course not."

Prentis was my partner and he told me, toward the end of a match, 
that if I missed a shot we would lose. We were so far ahead I argued 
with him, then missed the shot ... and then lost. There is a lesson 
there, and one day I will figure out what it might be.

I bore you with all this because one of the most persistent myths 
about hoop-running is that you should play the stroke so as to impart topspin to the ball. This is impossible, if we take “topspin” to mean forward rotation beyond that of a normally rolling ball. What you want is not topspin, but instead a ball that is rolling rather than skidding when it reaches the hoop.
In addition, you will find coverage on:

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Morning Coffee: Clarke Croquet

When I heard that Chris and Jenny Clarke were launching a croquet instruction website, I was definitely skeptical. Oxford Croquet has it all covered, right? I was pleasantly surprised though as I took my first spin through. Essentially, what I see is more plain-spoken approach that is concise and with adequate amount of graphics. The format is nice as a sort of page by page navigation and I could see that translating easily into a print book (that I would gladly purchase). I am hoping there is a save my place function that I will discover in my next visit.

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CFA 2013 Hall of Fame Announcement

Save the Date! December 6, 2013. The Red Coats are coming.

The Croquet Foundation of America and the United States Croquet Association request you to save the date for the 2013 Hall of Fame Ball.


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CFA's Serious Croquet Book Now Available

We all know croquet is no longer just a fun backyard game. Tournament croquet is a different game, a serious game, and a serious sport. But have you ever tried to explain the game to someone outside of the sport; why you love it, why you are obsessed with this elusive game, or why you are about to travel hundreds of miles to compete in a tournament?  It isn’t easy.

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CFA Offers Book on "Serious Croquet"

The artistry and emotions of competitive croquet are captured in a soon-to-be-released book.  It combines Bob Chilton’s poignant photography and John Osborn’s eloquent prose to depict the serious side of croquet as never before.  Bob has filled the 160-page, cocktail-table, 11” x 14” book with exquisite photography of over 130 tournament players from across the U.S.  John Osborn draws from his life-long obsession to capture the competitiveness as well at the humorous side of the sport.

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