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Morning Coffee: European Masters

As posted on the Nottingham List, the schedule for the 2017 European Masters Series is starting to come together. The season long tournament series awards points for performance in both AC and Golf Croquet tournaments in Europe. More information can be found on the European Masters website. Here is the schedule to date:

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Morning Coffee: A Croquet Documentary

On the scene this week is a promo video for a modest GoFundMe campaign by George Saad and Zak Jambor to raise $6,000 to produce a documentary on croquet called To Find True Pleasure. You can read about the full project on their site www.tofindcroquet.com.

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2015 Women's AC Championship Dates

The organizing committee for the WCF Women's AC World Championship has announced that the WCF and the Croquet Association to hold the event at the Nottingham Croquet Club from July 25 to August 1, 2015. The event is being run in support of Cancer Research UK.

On September 21, the WCF will formally be inviting members to participate in the championship and to nominate players. Advance information for those who may be interested in playing is now available on the event's website at http://www.wacwc2015.org.


Croquet Poll: Your Favorite Croquet Website


Morning Coffee: WCF Launches New Look Website

The World Croquet Federation launched their new website over the weekend. The best features include a rotating photo slideshow near the top of the hope page and a deeper list of new items alongside. Most importantly, the news items now generate unique URLs that can be direct linked. Now instead of posting full WCF statements, I'll be excerpting and linking.

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Croquet Website Rankings (July 2011)

The USCA's croquetamerica.com website rode the busy July tournament calendar to a big month and nearly unseated croquet.com which dropped as the croquet set buying season came off of its peak month. The Croquet Association site moved up to the fourth from sixth last month, likely due to the big

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Morning Coffee: The Croquet Gazette Goes Big Time

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Okay, we've got to take a little time out this morning to talk about a bold move on the croquet media scene. This weekend I was checking out digital editions of back issues for Croquet Network on the Yudu site. When I did a search for croquet, I detected a beautiful new croquet magazine delivered through my same host at no charge to readers. And in fact, it was immediately clear that this new magazine was superior in content and design to Croquet Network. But wait, it's not new. It was the venerable old Croquet Gazette produced by the Croquet Association. Further research indicates that the Croquet Association has made the Gazette a marketing initiative and has hired

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Croquet Website Rankings (June 2011)

There were no giant surprises in the U.S. croquet website rankings for June. Traffic was picking up and several sites jumped back into the rankings -- Houston Croquet, Croquet New Zealand, Maui Croquet Club and the

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Croquet Video: Reg Bamford's Winning Turn (2011 British Open)

Paddy Chapman captured a gem with this winning turn video:

"Last few hoops of the final of the British Open Singles Championship. Reg Bamford completing his sextuple peel - just peeled 4-back and gained a rush to 2-back on the escape ball."


British Open Update: Bamford Will Battle Fulford

Reg Bamford defeated James Death +26sxp, +17tp, -19tp, +17tp to advance to final tomorrow to play Robert Fulford. Fulford advanced with a +26sxp -20tp +26sxp +26 win over Keith Aiton.

The doubles championship will take place after the singles final. The matchup will be Rutger Beijderwellen and Reg Bamford versus Mark Avery and David Maugham.

Full bracket available on the Croquet Association website: