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Morning Coffee: Curling Gets All the Love

If you watch the video above, it's clear why members of the world croquet nation have been grinding their teeth over the past week or so. How did curling get so lucky? Why does croquet get relegated to that little dark corner as the quirky, quaint throwback to another time? The injustice of it all.

I've watched a few different email conversations sprout up around the topic and at least one has angled into a "we need to" or "we should" thread that may be accurate but likely will have little impact. I don't know that I can truly assess the issues that affect the progress of the WCF and the associations of Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, but I believe that I can speak to the challenge that the USCA faces.

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Lightning Round: With Robert Fletcher

Six Questions: Robert Fletcher

New World Champion Robert Fletcher took some time over the past few days to answer a lightning round of six questions just after his blitz through the ACWC.

#1 - So, you really just rolled through this World Championship (23-0) at a time when it seems like there are a lot of players out there with legitimate title chances. Can you explain how that happened? Is it your that playing has moved to another level or are there other factors?

I think I just played really consistently, I didn't do anything fancy, I just played solid croquet all week.  I had played deep into Worlds before, so I knew what to expect in the later rounds.

#2 - Despite the 3-0 score, the final with Paddy seemed fairly interactive. Can you talk about how that match went and maybe what the key to you gaining control?

It was interactive, mainly due to the hoops being put in new holes that day.  Surbiton has a clay base which makes for very tough hoops, plus the variable pace of the lawn.  We both took some time to adjust to the hoops, but it was probably my shooting throughout the first two games that made the difference. 

#3 - A World Championship is an incredible lifetime achievement and you've done it at the age of 20. It would almost seem to be overwhelming. Can you describe what it was like once you got that final peg out?

I was relieved, that the match was over (as it had been long and tough), and delighted to have come through on top!

#4 - Can you give us any insight on what you think distinguishes a top 10 world player from the rest of the field?

Top 10 players are generally good shots, consistent TPers, good at pegged off tactics and have a better mental approach than other players. 
#5 - And what is your approach to Association Croquet in the actual game -- do you feel like you are playing against your opponent, the court or yourself?


The court when I am playing breaks (i.e. what lines of play I should take or what strokes to play), but I am definitely aware of who I am playing with regard to leave setting and choice of shot.

#6 - What's in your future plans, both near term and long term?

Short term; preparing for the MacRobertson Shield in NZ this December, which will include the Australian President's 8, and the Australian Open singles and doubles Championship.  Long term; continuing to improve my game and working toward retaining my World title. 

Photo provided by Adrian Wadley. See the full gallery here.


U.S. Golf Croquet Players Are Ready for Nationals

An elite field of sixteen players will travel to the North Carolina high country for the USCA’s 2013 Golf Croquet National Championship to be held at the Lake Toxaway Country Club in Lake Toxaway, NC. Top seed will be Stephen Mulliner of England, currently ranked seventh in the world, and winner of both the British and European 2013 Golf Croquet championships.

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Morning Coffee: Croquet or Roque?

At the top of this week's news is the Norwegian Nine-Wicket Croquet video (see link below). There is so much that the video touches on, but the main discussion was centered toward the concept that it is really roque that is being played. It is of course interesting to see how the game has evolved in different parts of the world. No matter what the Norwegians think they are playing, I would agree with the assertion that it is pretty much roque. Fundamentally though, it hardly matters. Take away the short mallet restriction and one-hand rule (seemingly unique for Norway) and it's pretty much nine-wicket croquet.

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Thankful For The World's Greatest Sport


USCA Seniors/Masters Event Gears Up

The 23rd USCA Seniors/Masters Croquet Championships will be held on the lawns at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida on November 13-17, 2012.  Fifty-four players from

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