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Bromley: GCWC Opening Ceremony Journal #02

We are ready to go! Here are a few team shots taken at the Opening Ceremony today. Today was a practice day for everyone followed by the players' meeting, Opening Ceremonies and reception. Tomorrow is the Main Event and each of us will head to our respective venues to begin our block play matches. Go USA!

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Bromley: GC World Championship Journal #01

Greetings from Melbourne! Today was a fun day at the Victorian Croquet center as the doubles portion of the Ramsis Cup was completed. It was great to reconnect with players from all over. The Ramsis Cup originally began as a match between Egypt and a Rest of the World (RoW) and has been played twice previously in 2008 and 2016. Both have been won by the RoW by a narrow margin of 11 matches to 10.

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2016 Midwest GC Regionals Player Report

The ending to the first-ever USCA Regional to be held in Kansas City lived up to expectations. Cheryl Bromley and Matt Griffith faced off in a final that went the distance earlier today as Griffith took a 7-5, 5-7, 7-5 win at his Kactus Creek Croquet Club in Parkville, Missouri. The match featured great play by both players with lots of long clears and good hoop battles throughout.

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USCA's Croquet News: 2014 Volume 3 Edition

The USCA's Croquet News Volume 3 for 2014 went to press just prior to the holidays and is hopefully mailing this week. If you would like to enjoy a sneak preview, you can now access a PDF of this issue in the member's section of the USCA website along with back issues all the way back to 2007.

USCA Croquet News 2014, Volume 3This issue is overloaded as we’ve squeezed in features on Nine Wicket Nationals, USCA Nationals, Seniors Masters, GC Nationals and Selection Eights. We are excited to bring back feature level coverage to the Eights, which many players consider to be our premier event. And with Nine Wicket Nationals taking a quantum leap by hosting the 2014 edition at the historic Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, we are excited to provide an in-depth report on the growing success of the newest USCA championship series.

We have also launched a new Committee Guest Column and Club Profile department. The guest column this issue is from Cheryl Bromley on the Golf Croquet Committee. Going forward we will rotate the column each issue to include all of the key USCA committees. Our goal is to give members a view into the overall progress of the USCA across all sectors of the organization. Our club profile features the New York Croquet Club in this issue and again, we'll continue to explore new clubs in future editions.

Unfortunately, the sport lost a few key figures this fall. Ted Prentis and Jeff Soo have written wonderful tributes to John Solomon and Mack Penwell that are essential reading for all American croquet players. Beyond just recognizing Solomon and Penwell, both pieces provide valuable insight into the history of croquet in the US.

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USCA Croquet News Magazine 2013 Volume 3

The USCA's Croquet News Magazine Volume 3 for 2013 mailed out in December and has reached most members by now. You can also now enjoy the PDF version which is available in the member's section of the USCA website along with back issues all the way back to 2007.

One advantage of the PDF is that all website and e-mail links are live, so if you see an interesting reference you can reach out right away. The PDF version is best viewed as "two-up" and "show cover page" if you want to see the full spreads (on your Adobe Reader top menu: View/Page Display).
This issue features articles on both the GC National Championship and the US Rules National Championship. You will also find an interview with Western North Carolina District President Michael Albert on the keys to the recent success with golf croquet in his district. And, there is coverage of the Solomon Trophy Test from August and an interview with Stuart Lawrence that sheds light on his experiences at the 2013 WCF Association World Singles Championship. Cheryl Bromley is our player profile and the usual line-up of columns and departments are on deck for your enjoyment.


Please continue to send your letters or questions to uscacroquetnews@yahoo.com so we can keep the "Inbox" page active and informative. Also note that due to the limited page space, brevity is greatly appreciated.

Hope your New Year is filled with plenty of croquet!

Best Regards,

Dylan Goodwin, Croquet News Publisher

Morning Coffee: Rachel Rowe is the Women's GC Champ

Visit the storeAll kinds of action on the world croquet scene this week. Let's get right into it--

ROWE IS WORLD CHAMPION: England's Rachel Rowe defeated Jenny Clark (7-3, 6-7, 5-7, 7-6, 7-4) to become the WCF Women's World Golf Croquet Champion. The finals match was held at the Mount Maunganui Croquet Club in New Zealand. Photos are available on the tourney website and a full report is available from the CA--

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