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Entries in British Open Croquet (13)


2012 British Opens Primer

Here's a primer on the upcoming British Open. Draws are listed below (from Nott's List), but let's start with some info on the event:

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Croquet Search Trends July 2011

Here are the hottest trending keywords to hit croquetnetwork.com last month:

01 british open
02 solomon trophy
03 croquet players wearing white

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Croquet Poll: Top Croquet Story of the Summer


Croquet Video: Reg Bamford's Winning Turn (2011 British Open)

Paddy Chapman captured a gem with this winning turn video:

"Last few hoops of the final of the British Open Singles Championship. Reg Bamford completing his sextuple peel - just peeled 4-back and gained a rush to 2-back on the escape ball."


Morning Coffee: Reg Bamford Wins the British Open

Could you dream up a better croquet month? After kicking things off with a Solomon Trophy battle at Hamptworth, the schedule rolled right into what is considered the most prestigious annual croquet tournament -- the British Opens. And this year, we were treated to the ultimate singles final with Reg Bamford taking on Robert Fulford. Bamford took his eighth singles open title with a –18tp +26sxp +17 +26sxp (3) over Fulford. Bamford and Rutger Biejderwellen also took the doubles title with a +10, +18 win over Mark Avery & David Maugham +10 +18.

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British Open Update: Bamford Will Battle Fulford

Reg Bamford defeated James Death +26sxp, +17tp, -19tp, +17tp to advance to final tomorrow to play Robert Fulford. Fulford advanced with a +26sxp -20tp +26sxp +26 win over Keith Aiton.

The doubles championship will take place after the singles final. The matchup will be Rutger Beijderwellen and Reg Bamford versus Mark Avery and David Maugham.

Full bracket available on the Croquet Association website:


British Open Update: Fulford to the Finals

Robert Fulford advanced to the finals with a +26sxp -20tp +26sxp +26 win over Keith Aiton in the semi-finals.

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British Open Update: Elite Eight

he singles portion of the British Open continues on at Surbiton and the bracket is now down to eight players. Here are the matchups:

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British Open Update: Singles Playoff Bracket

The open swiss is complete and the full bracket can be found here:


Full list of players that made the knockout (wins/games):

Open Swiss 5/5 Reg Bamford
Open Swiss 5/6 Ben Rothman
Open Swiss 5/6 Mark Avery
Open Swiss 5/6 Robert Fulford
Open Swiss 5/6 Samir Patel
Open Swiss 5/7 Danny Huneycutt
Open Swiss 5/7 David Maugham
Open Swiss 5/7 Jamie Burch
Open Swiss 5/7 Jeff Soo
Open Swiss 5/7 Kevin Beard
Open Swiss 5/7 Robin Brown
Open Swiss 5/7 Rutger Beijderwellen
Open Swiss 5/8 Jeff Dawson
Open Swiss 5/8 Keith Aiton
Open Swiss 5/8 Miranda Morgan
Open Swiss 5/8 Paddy Chapman
Open Swiss 5/8 Stephen Mulliner
Open Swiss 5/9 Brian Cumming
Open Swiss 5/9 Chris Patmore
Open Swiss 5/9 Hamish McIntosh
Open Swiss 5/9 James Death
Open Swiss 5/9 Martin French
Open Swiss 5/9 Tim Wilkins
Open Swiss 5/10 Andrew Johnston
Open Swiss 5/10 Dave Kibble
Open Swiss 5/10 David Goacher
Open Swiss 5/10 Dennis Bulloch
Open Swiss 5/10 James Hopgood
Open Swiss 5/10 Jim Bast
Open Swiss 5/10 Nick Parish


British Open Update: Singles Playoff Qualifiers

With the open swiss still in progress, the following twelve players have qualified for the singles knockout at the British Open:

5/5 Reg Bamford
5/6 Ben Rothman
5/6 Mark Avery
5/6 Robert Fulford
5/6 Samir Patel
5/7 Danny Huneycutt
5/7 David Maugham
5/7 Jamie Burch
5/7 Jeff Soo
5/7 Kevin Beard
5/7 Robin Brown
5/7 Rutger Beijderwellen

More results available on the Croquet Association website: