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News Video: Development of Croquet in Tennessee

Bob Kroeger appears in this video covering the development of a croquet lawn in Jackson, Mississippi:

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2016 USCA Croquet News Volume 2, Web Edition

The 2016 Volume 2 issue of the USCA's Croquet News magazine delivered to the mailhouse last week and should be arriving in member's mailboxes this month. The web edition PDF is also now available to USCA members on the magazine page of the USCA website (log in required).

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Morning Coffee: USCA Coaching Videos

The USCA posted a helpful new 21-part video series this week on referee instruction produced by Bob Kroeger and Ted Prentis. I skipped ahead to the segment on marking balls, which is quite useful. I am looking forward to viewing the full series. It's definitely a good approach to helping everyone on the court.

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Video: USCA Croquet School

A closer look at the USCA Croquet School program offered at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Video: The Single Ball Target

This practice video from Bob Kroeger shows that the single ball target is much bigger than you think. This is a great idea for expanding your perspective and improving your roquet percentage.

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USCA Croquet News, 2015 Volume 2 Web Edition

The 2015 Volume 2 issue of the Croquet News mailed this week and should be hitting mailboxes soon. The web edition is also now available to USCA members on the magazine page. This time around we've created a few little extras in the web edition, so have fun checking those out. A few of the highlights include:

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2015 Most Popular Croquet YouTube Channels

One of the quietly growing segments for the sport of croquet on the internet is YouTube. The traffic is still minor compared to the crazy videos that will notch views in the millions, but the overall segment of YouTube channels that Croquet Network tracks has grown from 12 to 18 since the start of 2014. And the total views for that group has gone from 434,000 to 603,000 during the same timeframe.

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USCA Nine-Wicket Nationals Video Invitation


CFA Offers Book on "Serious Croquet"

The artistry and emotions of competitive croquet are captured in a soon-to-be-released book.  It combines Bob Chilton’s poignant photography and John Osborn’s eloquent prose to depict the serious side of croquet as never before.  Bob has filled the 160-page, cocktail-table, 11” x 14” book with exquisite photography of over 130 tournament players from across the U.S.  John Osborn draws from his life-long obsession to capture the competitiveness as well at the humorous side of the sport.

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Croquet Video: Slow Motion View of the Bamford Fault

Bob Kroeger posted this slow motion view of the "lawn damage" shot by Reg Bamford.