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Morning Coffee: Rachel Rowe is the Women's GC Champ

Visit the storeAll kinds of action on the world croquet scene this week. Let's get right into it--

ROWE IS WORLD CHAMPION: England's Rachel Rowe defeated Jenny Clark (7-3, 6-7, 5-7, 7-6, 7-4) to become the WCF Women's World Golf Croquet Champion. The finals match was held at the Mount Maunganui Croquet Club in New Zealand. Photos are available on the tourney website and a full report is available from the CA--

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Morning Coffee: U.S. Nationals Start and Selection 8's Results

Visit the storeNovember is kicking off strong with the USCA American Rules Nationals and Australian Open both now in progress. Details below point to how you can follow the U.S. event. So far, I haven't found much on updates for the event down under. Here's your latest news from the croquet scene--

USCA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: The USCA National Championship is under way at Mission Hills Croquet Club in Rancho Mirage, California. Finals are scheduled for Saturday and your can catch updates on the event in the Americas Forum on Croquet World Online or on the USCA's Twitter page--

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Morning Coffee: Amir Ramsis is New WCF President

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The World Croquet Federation has announced that Amir Ramsis will become acting President. Ramsis is Vice-President of the Egyptian Croquet Federation and has served on the WCF Management Committee since 2003. The election for a new WCF President, along with other posts on the Management Committee, will take place during November-December with the successful candidates taking up their posts on January 1, 2012. More info--

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Morning Coffee: The Loss of a Leader

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The murder of WCF President Charles Jones in Thailand last week is still the news that haunts the croquet world. There was an update in that a suspect has been arrested. In the meantime, there has only been a short statement released on the WCF website and I suspect the shock of such an event has everyone a bit paralyzed. After all, there is very little precedent for such an event in sports. And perhaps, a moment of quiet is what is best for the croquet world. Despite the fact that I never knew Charles, the international club of croquet creates a bond and I know that players across the world were saddened by this senseless loss.

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Croquet Network #11 In Print - PDF Download For iPad

Croquet Network #11

Croquet Network: Croquet Network #11

Croquet Network #11 featuring coverage of the 2011 Solomon Trophy, Jim Bast Profile, 20 tips for club building and Peelball

Find out more on MagCloud


2011 Carter Challenge: Ireland Leads 8-5

The Croquet Ireland website is reporting an 8-5 lead for Ireland after day two for the Carter Challenge.

Results from Day 2

IRL (5-3) Kieran Murphy beat Ricky Wilhoite +5 +21

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2011 Carter Challenge: Ireland Leads 4-3

USA (1-0) Rothman and Gillmarten beat Cunningham and Newell  +5tp (R), +1
Tied (1-1) McInerney and Williams beat Lawrence and Davies  +17, +3

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British Open Update: Singles Playoff Bracket

The open swiss is complete and the full bracket can be found here:


Full list of players that made the knockout (wins/games):

Open Swiss 5/5 Reg Bamford
Open Swiss 5/6 Ben Rothman
Open Swiss 5/6 Mark Avery
Open Swiss 5/6 Robert Fulford
Open Swiss 5/6 Samir Patel
Open Swiss 5/7 Danny Huneycutt
Open Swiss 5/7 David Maugham
Open Swiss 5/7 Jamie Burch
Open Swiss 5/7 Jeff Soo
Open Swiss 5/7 Kevin Beard
Open Swiss 5/7 Robin Brown
Open Swiss 5/7 Rutger Beijderwellen
Open Swiss 5/8 Jeff Dawson
Open Swiss 5/8 Keith Aiton
Open Swiss 5/8 Miranda Morgan
Open Swiss 5/8 Paddy Chapman
Open Swiss 5/8 Stephen Mulliner
Open Swiss 5/9 Brian Cumming
Open Swiss 5/9 Chris Patmore
Open Swiss 5/9 Hamish McIntosh
Open Swiss 5/9 James Death
Open Swiss 5/9 Martin French
Open Swiss 5/9 Tim Wilkins
Open Swiss 5/10 Andrew Johnston
Open Swiss 5/10 Dave Kibble
Open Swiss 5/10 David Goacher
Open Swiss 5/10 Dennis Bulloch
Open Swiss 5/10 James Hopgood
Open Swiss 5/10 Jim Bast
Open Swiss 5/10 Nick Parish


British Open Update: Singles Playoff Qualifiers

With the open swiss still in progress, the following twelve players have qualified for the singles knockout at the British Open:

5/5 Reg Bamford
5/6 Ben Rothman
5/6 Mark Avery
5/6 Robert Fulford
5/6 Samir Patel
5/7 Danny Huneycutt
5/7 David Maugham
5/7 Jamie Burch
5/7 Jeff Soo
5/7 Kevin Beard
5/7 Robin Brown
5/7 Rutger Beijderwellen

More results available on the Croquet Association website:


Croquet Poll: Who Will Win the 2011 British Open?