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Rothman Going For Singles Triple Crown

Ben Rothman at the 2013 USCA Selection Eights in FloridaRANCHO MIRAGE -- As the number one ranked player in the US, Ben Rothman certainly has his name all over the USCA Champion's page. In fact, he is currently in possession of all six major singles and doubles national titles for the USCA. But when the balls roll out for the 2013 USCA American Rules Croquet National Championship to be held November 11-17 at the Mission Hills

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Morning Coffee: Selection Eights Round-Up

Ben Rothman in play at the 2013 Eights

WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- The big news to come out of the 2013 U.S. Selection Eights weekend is a line-up change for Team USA for the upcoming MacRobertson Shield. Damon Bidencope has withdrawn due and his spot on the team will be taken by

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Croquet 101: Association Croquet Rules Summary

Association Laws (Rules) Croquet has traditionally been considered the main form of competitive six-wicket croquet played internationally. It is commonly referred to as AC for Association Croquet.

The game is played on a standard six-wicket court 28 yards by 35 yards with one peg in the center. It is played with four balls with blue and black opposed to red and yellow. One player plays blue and black while the opponent would play red and yellow. The first side to play both balls through the entire 12 wicket pattern wins the game.

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Bent Captures Doubles Title in Ireland

DUBLIN, IRELAND - David Bent of Delray Beach, FL was the Championship Doubles winner with Andrew Johnston of Ireland and a Semi-finalist in Championship Singles at the Championship of Ireland held August 3-10, 2013. David’s full report as PDF: http://www.croquetamerica.com/news/media/2 013/ChampionshipOfIreland.pdf 


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Swing Coach Now Available in the U.S.

The Swing COACH is a revolutionary croquet training tool inspired by Reg Bamford, the world's most decorated croquet player and his swing trainer concept. WoodRanch Croquet Custom Shop is proud to announce the availability of the Swing COACH here in America. This is a great addition to your off season training program and a valuable asset to any club and club pro program.

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