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Clark: ACWC18 Not Off to Great Start #03

I spent today at Paraparumu – a 4 lawn club with the top two lawns running around 10 seconds and the bottom two around 11 seconds. Regrettably, players partners and other spectators were banned from using the clubhouse. This is not the sort of hospitality that Croquet New Zealand expects from host clubs.

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Soo: Plimmerton is Tops For Challenging Conditions #02

The tournament opened with fine weather: mostly sunny and moderately breezy all day. With ground still damp from the recent rain, the notorious Atkins hoops are quite easy to run, up to a moderate angle. Conditions are most challenging at Plimmerton, with extreme variation in pace and significant slopes. Unsurprisingly, this is where games have been longest, and three games are pegged down.

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Clarke: Plenty of Upsets on Day One #02

After visiting all five venues on yesterday's practice day, I spent most of day one at Waikanae with a short visit to Plimmerton in the early afternoon. Waikanae is the furthest venue at about one hours drive outside Wellington and has a pretty five lawn club. The front four lawns are soft, green and over-watered, running at 10.8 seconds whilst lawn 5 is an excellent lawn with different grass and firmer subsoil, running at 12.2 seconds.

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Soo: AC Worlds Player Journal #01

Just getting to Wellington proved challenging on a stormy Thursday, when many flights had to abort approaches into the airport and divert to Christchurch, and other flights were simply cancelled. Luckily for us our flight made it in on a rather exciting first approach.

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Clarke: 2018 AC Worlds Preview

The 2018 WCF Association Croquet World Championship starts this Saturday in Wellington, NZ. Five clubs are being used and I’ll try to send photos from each of them as the event progresses. There are eight blocks of 10 players with the top four qualifying for the knockout from each block, with ties on wins being broken with play-off games, so net points are irrelevant.

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2017 Croquet News Volume 3 Digital Edition

This frame is intended for preview. Please click or tap on the magazine to view full size on your device.

Through the efforts of the USCA Management Committee and President Sara Low, I am pleased to announce that the 2017 Volume 3 issue of the Croquet News magazine is now available as a true digital edition and open to the public. A full intro is below, but the timing is perfect as this overdue edition is a tribute to the 40-year anniversary for the USCA. We are incredibly pleased to provide this issue to everyone who shares a passion for the sport. The print copies are on press and should be starting the mail process for USCA members next week.

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