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Competitive Croquet Returns to Buffalo

Competitive croquet returns to Buffalo this week for the 3rd Annual Buffalo Croquet Club 6-Wicket Invitational. Over 30 players, coming from New York City, Boston, California, Florida and Canada will arrive in Delaware Park for one of the sport’s most popular tournaments.

Some of the country’s top players will be in the Queen City, including returning champion John H. Young III, of Bermuda, whose grandfather helped invent this American version of croquet; Chris Patmore, who originally rose through the croquet ranks of Britain; and Rich Curtis, the former president of the U.S. Croquet Association.

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Who Wrote "Croquet, as Played by the Newport Croquet Club"?

For more than a hundred-and-fifty years, the author of one of the earliest croquet booklets in the U.S. has remained a mystery. It wasn’t, it seems, a terribly pressing question, though over the decades an occasional sleuth tried to crack the case. The booklet’s preface was simply signed “J.,” while the title page (above) only indicated it was “By One of the Members” of the Newport Club. As it turns out, when the volume first appeared, the name of the shadowy pen behind it wasn’t such a closely held secret. Friends and family of the author knew the identity of “J,” as did members of the then newly formed Newport Croquet Club. However, almost no hints were left in print, so as the years passed, fewer and fewer people knew the author’s identity.

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Oklahoma Wins Central Thriller

In the brief three-year history of the Croquet Network States Shield, no test had come down to the final one vs one singles match up. That changed on Sunday afternoon as the two Central Quad favorites Oklahoma and two-time defending Shield champion Missouri squared off in a back-and-forth championship final test at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Wisconsin Returns to the Shield Championship

Teams from Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin descended upon the Milwaukee Croquet Club for a weekend of friendly and spirited golf croquet competition at Lake Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After a meet and greet and practice on Friday evening, Saturday’s matches paired Illinois against Minnesota and Indiana and Wisconsin. The format was a best of 10 game test featuring an opening doubles game followed by players playing each of the other three opponents in singles games.

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Shield Update: Oklahoma and Wisconsin

The Quad round of the 2018 Croquet Network States Shield was held over the weekend in two different cities and Oklahoma and Wisconsin both advanced from four-state groups with 6-4 scores in their respective championships to advance. They will meet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 18, 2018 to battle for the 2018 States Shield. Full reports and photos on both quads will be posted soon on CroquetNetwork.com.

Overall Event Knockout:


2018 States Shield: Predict the Winner

The 2018 Croquet Network States Shield overall bracket is presented below. For fun anyone can visit the actual tournament bracket at challonge.com and make predictions until the event goes live tomorrow morning -- https://challonge.com/18statesshield

Game scores will be available at:

Central Shield Quad

Midwest Shield Quad

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