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Sweet Sixteen

Shane Davis (NZ) bt 1-Reg Bamford (South Africa) 26-18 4-26 26tp-9

Ian Lines (England) bt Greg Bryant (NZ) 26-20 20-19

Michael Wright (NZ) bt Peter Landrebe (Australia) 0-26tp 26-23 26-11

8-Stephen Mulliner (England) bt Robert Lowe (NZ) 18-26, 26-22, 26-18

5-David Maugham (England) bt David Openshaw (England) 1-26 26tp-1 26-9

Paddy Chapman (NZ) bt Leo McBride (Canada) 26tp-16 10-26 26-21

Aaron Westerby (NZ) bt Ian Burridge (England) 26-8 26-4

4-Rutger Beijderwellen (Netherlands) bt Phillip Drew (NZ) 26stp-11 26tp-8

3-Robert Fulford (England) bt AJ Reid (NZ) 26tp-0 26tp-0

6-Keith Aiton (Scotland) bt Toby Garrison (NZ) 12-26 26-4 26-15

7-James Death (England) bt Marcus Evans (England) 26-10 26-4

Samir Patel (England) bt Bruce Fleming (Australia) 26-9, 26-10

Bob Jackson (NZ) bt Jonathan Kirby (Scotland) 26-15 26-14

Ian Dumergue (Australia) bt Jenny Clarke (NZ) 26-21, 10-26, 23-22

Paul Skinley (New Zealand) bt John Gibbons (England) 23-26, 26-18, 11-8

2-Chris Clarke (England) bt Andrew Johnston (Ireland) 26-3, 26-2

Source: http://www.croquetworld.com/Event.asp


World Championships Down to 32 Players

(top four from each block in order):

Block A:
Reg Bamford (South Africa) Jonathan Kirby (Scotland), Ian Lines (England) AJ Reid (NZ)

Block B:
Chris Clarke (England) John Gibbons (England) Robert Lowe (NZ)Andrew Johnston (Ireland)

Block C:
Robert Fulford (England) Ian Dumergue (Australia) Shane Davis (NZ) Marcus Evans (Wales)

Block D:
David Maugham (England) Greg Bryant (NZ) Leo McBride (Canada) Phillip Drew (NZ

Block E:
Rutger Beijderwellen (Netherlands) Aaron Westerby (NZ) Samir Patel (England) Bob Jackson (NZ)

Block F:
Keith Aiton (Scotland) Bruce Fleming Australia) Paul Skinley, Michael Wright (NZ

Block G:
Stephen Mulliner (England) James Death (England) Ian Burridge (Wales) Jenny Clarke (NZ)

Block H:
Peter Landrebe (Australia) Paddy Chapman (NZ) David Openshaw (England) Toby Garrison (NZ)

From the Croquet World website.


Art of the Jump Shot Video


US Calendar -- February

Jan 31 - Feb 3 - - Sarasota County Winter Singles Invitational
Sarasota County Croquet Club, Venice, FL crokpeople@aol.com

Feb 1 - Feb 3 - - USCA Croquet School
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL usca@msn.com

Feb 5 - Feb 9 - - ORAC Invitational
Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, FL wgcamper@aol.com

Feb 12 - Feb 17 - - Useppa Island Invitational
Gasparilla & Useppa, Useppa Island, FL thecapstonegroup@comcast.net

Feb 15 - Feb 17 - - Mar-a-Lago Doubles Invitational
Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL Twenty6to2@aol.com

Feb 19 - Feb 24 - - Charles P. Steuber Invitational
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL archiepeck@aol.com

Feb 27 - Mar 2 - - Audobon Invitational
Audobon Croquet Club, Naples, FL jnjbalson@aol.com

Source: USCA Calendar Page (click for more details)


Family Man: Back in the Game

The Austin Statesman has a nice profile on Jim Bast who took off eight years from competitive croquet to raise two daughters. Bast is back in the game now and will compete in this year's World Championships in New Zealand. As I read the piece, I was wondering if my wife would let me quit the day job and take on competitive croquet. Probably not. Oh well, this quote from Bast is something I think players of all levels can agree with:

"You never forget how to do it. Once it gets hold of you, it pretty much keeps hold of you."


Palm Beach Results: Ben Rothman Wins


The Croquet World site reports that Ben Rothman defeated
John Osborn 26-2 to win the singles Championship flight
at the Palm Beach Invitational in Florida this weekend.


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