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February Croquet Photo of the Month

(flicker/cc -- user: sheilaellen)

The Dream Field
I don't know where this was taken, but it sure says croquet to me. The photo was titled "Rotura Croquet Lawn."


WCF Worlds -- Maui Club Rundown

A little surf across the web this morning revealed this Maui Club breakdown of the World Championships. An excellent bracket that really clarifies how it went down. Good stuff.

Maui Club WCF World Championship Link


England's Chris Clarke is World Champion

Chris Clarke won his second world championship by defeating Stephen Mulliner in four games this past weekend in Christchurch, New Zealand. Clarke last won in 1995.

2008 Finals Scores:
Chris Clarke (England) bt Stephen Mulliner (England) 9-26tp, 26-0tp, 26-17, 26-14

Story Link: press.co.nz


WCF Championships -- Crazy Eight

Five from England advance

RESULTS (number denotes seed)

8-Stephen Mulliner (England) bt Michael Wright (NZ) 26-0 , 22-26, 26-20

Shane Davis (NZ) bt Ian Lines (England) 19-26, 26-13, 26-5

5-David Maugham (England) bt Paddy Chapman (NZ) 26tp-22 26tp-1

Aaron Westerby (NZ) bt 4-Rutger Beijderwellen (Netherlands) 1-26 26tp-9 26-13

3-Robert Fulford (England) bt Paul Skinley (NZ) 26-0 26-9

6-Keith Aiton (Scotland) bt Ian Dumergue (Australia) 26-0 26-10

7-James Death (England) bt Samir Patel (England) 26-7 26tp-22

2-Chris Clarke (England) bt Bob Jackson (NZ) 26-7 26-22

From the Croquet World forum.


Sweet Sixteen

Shane Davis (NZ) bt 1-Reg Bamford (South Africa) 26-18 4-26 26tp-9

Ian Lines (England) bt Greg Bryant (NZ) 26-20 20-19

Michael Wright (NZ) bt Peter Landrebe (Australia) 0-26tp 26-23 26-11

8-Stephen Mulliner (England) bt Robert Lowe (NZ) 18-26, 26-22, 26-18

5-David Maugham (England) bt David Openshaw (England) 1-26 26tp-1 26-9

Paddy Chapman (NZ) bt Leo McBride (Canada) 26tp-16 10-26 26-21

Aaron Westerby (NZ) bt Ian Burridge (England) 26-8 26-4

4-Rutger Beijderwellen (Netherlands) bt Phillip Drew (NZ) 26stp-11 26tp-8

3-Robert Fulford (England) bt AJ Reid (NZ) 26tp-0 26tp-0

6-Keith Aiton (Scotland) bt Toby Garrison (NZ) 12-26 26-4 26-15

7-James Death (England) bt Marcus Evans (England) 26-10 26-4

Samir Patel (England) bt Bruce Fleming (Australia) 26-9, 26-10

Bob Jackson (NZ) bt Jonathan Kirby (Scotland) 26-15 26-14

Ian Dumergue (Australia) bt Jenny Clarke (NZ) 26-21, 10-26, 23-22

Paul Skinley (New Zealand) bt John Gibbons (England) 23-26, 26-18, 11-8

2-Chris Clarke (England) bt Andrew Johnston (Ireland) 26-3, 26-2

Source: http://www.croquetworld.com/Event.asp


World Championships Down to 32 Players

(top four from each block in order):

Block A:
Reg Bamford (South Africa) Jonathan Kirby (Scotland), Ian Lines (England) AJ Reid (NZ)

Block B:
Chris Clarke (England) John Gibbons (England) Robert Lowe (NZ)Andrew Johnston (Ireland)

Block C:
Robert Fulford (England) Ian Dumergue (Australia) Shane Davis (NZ) Marcus Evans (Wales)

Block D:
David Maugham (England) Greg Bryant (NZ) Leo McBride (Canada) Phillip Drew (NZ

Block E:
Rutger Beijderwellen (Netherlands) Aaron Westerby (NZ) Samir Patel (England) Bob Jackson (NZ)

Block F:
Keith Aiton (Scotland) Bruce Fleming Australia) Paul Skinley, Michael Wright (NZ

Block G:
Stephen Mulliner (England) James Death (England) Ian Burridge (Wales) Jenny Clarke (NZ)

Block H:
Peter Landrebe (Australia) Paddy Chapman (NZ) David Openshaw (England) Toby Garrison (NZ)

From the Croquet World website.