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USCA Announces Champions Purse

The Championship Flight winner of each American Rules (6 Wicket) Regional will receive a purse of $200 to be used to offset entry fees in the next National Championship in that discipline (US, AC, GC).

The money (purse) granted from this program is generated by donations. A donor has come forward to sponsor the US 6-Wicket Regionals for 2018. For this year, USCA is offering Champion's Purses for the winners of the US 6-Wicket Regionals and the USCA is looking for donors to sponsor the AC and GC Champion's Purses.

The Champion's Purse will be administered through the USCA office. The purse will be subtracted from the National Championship entry fee for the Champion's Purse winner. The purse is not cumulative. Only one purse may be won by each individual in each discipline (US, AC, GC) per year. The purse is not transferable to another person or another discipline and if not used will be returned to the fund for distribution to a Champion's Purse winner in the next year.

The Champions Purse program is intended to promote the sport of croquet in the USA by increasing participation in the USCA Regional Tournaments. This program is the brainchild of Chris Barley and Chris has seeded the fund with an initial donation of $2000 in support of the US 6-Wicket Champion's Purse. If successful in 2018, USCA will look at continuing the program for future years.


5/24/18-5/27/18 -- USCA Southeast Regional American Rules
Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club, Hartfield, VA

5/25/18-5/27/18 -- USCA Northeast Regional
International Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport, RI

6/22/18-6/24/18 -- USCA Western Regional American Rules
Portland, OR

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