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Morning Coffee: A Croquet Documentary

On the scene this week is a promo video for a modest GoFundMe campaign by George Saad and Zak Jambor to raise $6,000 to produce a documentary on croquet called To Find True Pleasure. You can read about the full project on their site www.tofindcroquet.com. To make a donation visit their GoFundMe page.

Seeing a video production unit evolve around the sport of croquet has long been an ambition of mine. To date it's been so far out of scope relative to my existing croquet responsibilities, I've been unable to make any significant progress in the area. To see this intriguing project spring up ... well, I consider it a potentially great step forward and Croquet Network will lend support in any way possible. The idea of a documentary about the croquet lifestyle is probably a bit overdue considering the technological advances that have significantly decreased the cost of the equipment. The true cost for video these days is primarily time and travel. I hope the croquet community steps up to support the project.

And now to this week's news ...

JANUARY CA COUNCIL NOTES: The UK's Croquet Association posted notes on their January Council Meeting this week and two items stood out. 1) After what sounded like a good debate, the CA is moving forward on a part-time National Development Director "with the overall objective of growing the sport of croquet." It was noted that there had been success 30 years prior with a similar position. This would seem to be a development to watch as I would certainly like to see the CFA or USCA have a position with the same goal for North America. 2) The CA website has a revamped e-commerce shop site and the notes indicate the first order came from Sweden.  See the full summary of notes on the CA Website.

2016 AUSTRALIAN OPEN VIDEO: On my watchlist this week is this one-hour plus video on Game 3 of the 2016 Australian Open Singles best of five final played in November between Robert and Malcom Fletcher ...

SELECTION EIGHTS VIDEO: Sherif Abelwahab recently posted this brief walk-around video from the 2015 edition of the USCA's Selection Eights. I get an appearance in this one (shooting off court from a wired position) before we see David Maloof attempting a baulk line hit in. Mainly, I thought I would share it for the camera work and also as a reminder of why the Eights are my favorite USCA event. For the most part, all of the top players are on hand and that atmosphere as a player in the lower groups is both inspiring and educational.

NZ GATEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP: Gateball continues its steady advance in the southern hemisphere as the Gateball New Zealand website has announced the inaugural New Zealand Gateball Championship to be held at Takapuna Croquet Club on February 18-19, 2017.

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