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AC Worlds-Eight Players Left Standing

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- As 16 players went into battle on Thursday in best of five action, only two players were able to pull off "upsets" in the 2016 WCF AC World Championship. It happened to be the two Americans, David Maloof and Danny Huneycutt that went against the rankings. All of the other matches went according to the proper math, although #10 Samir Patel (ENG) had to go the distance to hold off #42 Jose Riva (ESP) 26otp-13, 22-26, 9-26tp, 26tp-20, 26-5. David Maugham (#7) (ENG) also had to go to five to hold off #26 Chris Williams (WLS) as did #8 Stephen Mulliner (ENG) in his match against #25 Stephen Forster (AUS). 

It was #52 Huneycutt that pulled off the upset of the day, taking down #29 Greg Fletcher (AUS) 8-26, 26tp-23, 26-17, 26tp-17. Maloof (#18) was in a more "equal" match as he took on #11 Jeff Dawson, but he was able to get through 3-0.

The road finally ended for the last Cinderella story in the event. #116 Sam Murray (SCO) fell in three games to #28 Jenny Clarke (NZ). Clarke will now go up against #3 Reg Bamford (SAF) as he continued his march with a 3-0 win over #20 James Hopgood with a 26tp-0, 26otp-14, 26tp-9 score.

Full bracket with scores: croquetscores.com/2016/ac/wcf-world-championship/main-ko


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