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2012 Solomon Preview: Ben Rothman Interview

The run-up to the approaching Solomon Trophy test (October 10-13, Bald Head Island, North Carolina) continues as today we have an interview with USA team member Ben Rothman. The 28-year-old Rothman has been a fixture on the American croquet scene, winning national championships in all three six-wicket disciplines. This will be his sixth appearance as a member of the U.S. team. More info on this year's Solomon is available on the Bald Head Island website. Here's how it went:

How many times have you participated in the Solomon test?

Three: 2008, 2009, and 2011 (we had the Mac in 2010, so there was no Solomon).

So you know winning more than losing in this series, does that inspire confidence or add pressure (especially considering the current streak for the US)?

It is difficult to ignore the storied history of the GB team, but we have shown ourselves to be very deserving of our two recent victories. We have been improving the depth of our team and our performance under pressure. I am very confident in the abilities of my teammates and I look forward to the pressure that comes in any test match.

Rothman during the 2009 SolomonIt's less than a week away now. How is your form and how have you prepared for the test?

I have been focusing this year on high percentages. Win percentage is always important but not attempting sextuples has helped removed a potential hurdle. My triple percentage has also stayed strong and I have practiced by tripling on new courts without warm-up to simulate doubles games.

As I recall you have partnered with Doug Grimsley in past events with great success. Is it too early to reveal your partner for this event?

While the pairings are still unofficial, Doug and I will continue to play together because our dynamic works (he puts up with my ramblings). Doubles are a big key to successful test play and we value consistency and comfort in our pairings.

Do you care to offer a prediction for the test?

Team USA will win thanks to our depth.

Alright, time for an association rules question -- when you get the option, what colors do you choose and why?

I will choose the smallest balls (if I have had the time to size them in the hoops), the colors I/we just had so as not to get confused, or I will choose new colors if the ones I just played with acted odd on croquet strokes. If you prefer a simple answer, I would choose the dainty colors of pink and white.

Okay, very good. I will close out by asking if there is anything you wanted to comment on that I did not ask about?

We are excited to welcome David Maloof onto his first test team. He has been an amazing player and we are glad to have him on the squad. And many thanks are due to the Bald Head Island Club as well as Jeff and Eileen Soo for all of their preparatory work.

Follow Croquet Network's coverage of the Solomon Trophy here:

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