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Croquet Network Forum > 2011 Edgartown Singles Results

Edgartown Croquet Club 2011 Singles Championships
September 3-5 (Labor Day weekend)

Thirteen players competed in two flights, including a pair from the Marion Mallet Club, Ken and Barbara Whitford. The flights included a combined Championship / First flight for those with handicaps under 10, and a Second Flight for those whose handicaps are 10 or over. Second Flight and Championship / First Flight each competed in double elimination ladders.


Barbara Whitord of the Marion Mallet Club takes home the championship trophy for 2011. Cecily Greenaway missed by a hair, and takes home the Runner-up trophy.

In Championship/First Flight, Jim Turner broke a ten year spell and defeated long-reigning club champion, Jack Schott. Jack took home a rare runner-up trophy.

Congratulations to this years winners and thank you to all who participated or came out to watch and keep deadness boards.

Report by Jim Turner

September 13, 2011 | Registered CommenterDylan