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Croquet Network Forum > 2011 Croquet Association Eights Results

The results of the Croquet Association Eights are listed below.
First Eight (President’s Cup)
1st Robert Fulford
2nd David Maugham
2nd Jamie Burch
4th Paddy Chapman
5th Stephen Mulliner
5th James Death
7th Ed Duckworth
8th Ian Lines

Second Eight (Chairman’s Salver)
1st James Hopgood
2nd Mark Avery
2nd Jeff Dawson
2nd Samir Patel
5th Chris Williams
6th Robin Brown
7th Miranda Morgan
8th David Goacher

Third Eight (Spencer Ell Cup)
1st Martin Murray
2nd Graham Gale
2nd Duncan Hector
4th Martin French
4th Dave Kibble
6th Gabrielle Higgins
6th Richard M. Smith
8th Richard Griffiths

Fourth Eight (Treasurer’s Tankard)
1st David Harrison-Wood
2nd Nick Mounfield
2nd Dave Mundy
4th Nelson Morrow
5th Martin Stephenson
6th Paul Smith
7th Paul Castell
7th Jerry Guest

September 12, 2011 | Registered CommenterDylan