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Croquet Network Forum > 10-Week Pasadena Golf Croquet Course

The Pasadena Croquet Club will be putting on two different 10-week golf croquet classes this Fall instructed by Eric Sawyer.

This class will begin Saturday, September 17th and go into the early part of December. PCC will be offering two different classes. An intermediate class is for those who already know how to play golf croquet but want to execute shots better and get more deeply into strategy. That class will go from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. A beginner's golf croquet class will go afterward from 11:15 a.m. to roughly 12:45 p.m., depending on how fast the class-ending games are played. The beginner's class is meant for those who have played croquet before but are not familiar with golf croquet or for those who have never played croquet before. If you're not sure which class you should enter, contact Eric Sawyer and a recommendation can be made.

As with past classes, there will be 9 weeks of instruction followed by a class-ending tournament. The focus will only be on golf croquet. The charge for the entire course is only $25 (a bargain!). However, if you're not convinced you can handle 10 weeks of croquet, there is also offering a special "sampler's package," where you take only the first 4 weeks to get the basics of golf croquet for only $15. If you decide you love it after week 4 and can't stop playing, just pay an additional $15 and you get the next 5 weeks plus the tournament!

Now the sales pitch. For the intermediate class, Mohammad Kamal, Ahmed Elhadary and Rhys Thomas will be involved in special sections to help teach the mechanics of such things as stun shots, in-offs, and jump shots, as well as more refined tactics. So you will have an opportunity to learn from some of the very best croquet players on the West Coast. We will cover all the rules, faults and tactics available in GC, from soup to nuts, including a discussion of how to play GC in a handicapping format with extra shots. The class-ending tournament in all likelihood will pit all class members against the others, but using handicapped extra shots as a way to level the playing field. For the beginners, you will be taught by Caren and Eric Sawyer -- the defending First Flight GC National Doubles Champions, and no slouches in the field of GC.

Please contact Eric Sawyer immediately to sign up -- ecsccs@sbcglobal.net

August 22, 2011 | Registered CommenterDylan