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2017 MacRobertson Shield Coverage
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Croquet Champions

MacRobertson Shield Champions

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WCF World Champions

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WCF World Golf Croquet Champions

1996: Khalid Younis (Egypt)
1997: Salah Hassan (Egypt)
1998: Khalid Younis (Egypt)
2000: Salah Hassan (Egypt)
2002: Khalid Younis (Egypt)
2004: Ahmed Nasr (Egypt)
2006: Mohammed Nasr (Egypt)
2008: Ahmed Nasr (Egypt)
2011: Mark McInerney (Ireland)
2013: Reg Bamford (South Africa)
2015: Ahmed El Mahdi (Egypt)
2017: Reg Bamford (South Africa) 

U.S. Champions

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USCA Nine-Wicket Champions

Championship Nine-Wicket Singles
2016-Paul Bennett
2015-Stephen Morgan
2014-Paul Miller
2013-George Cochran
2012-Stephen Morgan
2011-Matt Smith
2010-George Cochran
2009-Matt Smith
2008-George Cochran

Championship Nine-Wicket Doubles
2016-Paul Bennett / Doug Moore
2015 George Cochran / John Warlick
2014 George Cochran / John Warlick
2013-George Cochran / John Warlick
2012-George Cochran / John Warlick
2011-Matt Baird / Jeff Caldwell
2010-Matt Smith / Nick Zink
2009-Matt Smith / Nick Zink
2008-Matt Baird / Art Parsells
1995-Neil Houghton / John Oehrle

Cutthroat (One-Ball Six Player Croquet)
2009-Jason Cole
2008-Brad Clouse
1995-Reid Fleming

MCA Champions

Overall Champion
2016-Matt Griffith
2015-Matt Griffith
2014-Dylan Goodwin
2013-Paul Mller

MCA Championship
2016-Matt Smith
2015-Dylan Goodwin
2014-Matt Griffith
2013-Paul Miller

Six-Ball Champions
2016-No event held
2015-Deborah Millican
2014-Paul Miller
2013-Dylan Goodwin
2007-Greg Clouse